Would you like coffee, coffee, or coffee? Do you take in a mug? Or perhaps over your head.

Tell us which is your favorite of this week’s caffeinated choices.


Bought a ninja mug :slight_smile:

On the fence about the nevermore mug


And the ninja sneaks his way into a caffeine themed event. Well played, ninja.


Starting Numbers:
Be Nocturnal: 2160
Caffeine Power Up: 4128
Coffee Break: 586
Coffee Levels Critical: 3830
coffee stain cats: 2765
My Morning Sidekick: 2199
Mug Shot: 2981
Morning Powerup: 7244
Everything’s Better with Chocolate: I can’t find this; has it printed before?

Karma points to any artist of a non-t-shirt Woot Plus item who posts/PMs the closing numbers for their hoodie/tank/mug/v-neck once the side-sale is over; with no discussion threads for those items, there are no sales numbers available for them!


Disappointed that neither ‘Coffee Levels Critical’ or ‘Morning Powerup’ designs made it onto a Mug :frowning: I would have bought either one.


Would have totally bought a 1-UP mug… =(


I would buy some mugs, but woot goes crazy when I click the buy button. : (


Coffee Break + Mug Shot are two of my favorite shirts; may have to pick one + buy a spare. Tea drinker but coffee works for puns.


Aw, I would’ve bought the Coffee Levels Critical hoodie if the design hadn’t been larger on the back. It works so well as just the tiny front design.


Can you be a bit more specific? What’s happening?


Quick question about the finish on the mug.

Is it a paint on with a glaze over it to help protect the art, or is it just a paint on?


It won’t be visible on a mug either.


So the first thing would be… shipping out random shirts? :slight_smile: crosses fingers


Coffee of course!


Curses! That would make more sense! I’m not a coffee drinker myself (and I’m blonde!), so that probably explains it!


Guess I’m going to have to get Coffee Levels Critical, since that’s also almost the name of my blog.


No love for tea which also has caffeine and has had past designs? I still might buy 2 of the mugs, but I hate coffee, so those are a pass for me though I do get a chuckle out of some of the designs.


I’m afraid that my kitchen might benefit from a Binge mug to hang next to my Binge apron (the Binge poster lives in my office), although I’m hesitant because of the recent quality control issues with side sale items. Does anyone know if woot is printing the mugs themselves? I’m guessing that they have to outsource the mugs: can’t put a mug through a screen printing machine… although that would explain some of the printing problems!


Just ran across this old audio podcast:

Coffee, coffee, coffee