Cage Match: Dinos vs. Dragons



Man, too bad there’s no Cupcakeosaur.


Lookit! No bunnies or kitties. I expect to see celebrations in the hallways, people!


I like kitties and bunnies though.

However, I also love dragons, I think I’m in trouble with the side sale. Shame on you woot!

And, I’m buying a Hugasaurus Rex for a friend this week.

Well, after I get paid…I think half my paycheck will be going to woot! Great, who needs to pay bills?


I have the Circuit Dragon tee. It is one of my favorite tees. All the colors complement each other very well. Note: I have the original AA one. I hope the Anvil creme shirt is like the AA creme.


Starting Numbers
Red Summer Skies 2870
I’m here to rescue… uh… 2811
Hugasaurus Rex 2429
Unexpected News 1692
Rock, Paper, Dragon 1044
Jurassic Parka 2468
The Samurai and the Sea Dragon 3737
Circuit Dragon 2516
The Three Classical States of Matter 7473
Critical Hit 3900

Printing on AA:


Actually, I expect to see someone draw up a dinobunnitteh now. :slight_smile:


Isn’t it obvious that the Jurassic parka should have been the hoodie?


I’ll be hiding under the abacus as the cats and bunnies chase the dinos and dragons down the hallway.


How funny, I’m actually wearing Three Classical States right now. Very fitting.

(By the way love this shirt, highly recommended for trips to the museum =D)


If Jurassic Punk was on a hoodie I would have bought a few as gifts :frowning:


There is a serious lack of Natural Instinct here!


And ‘Inevitable Betrayal’ and ‘Some Motivation Required’


I SOOOO wish “Exercise: Some Motivation Required” had been included with this. I might be out running instead of sitting on the couch typing this.


Did we ever find out who won Pirates vs Ninjas?


yay, hoodies! already had Critical Hit as a tee, ordered the hoodie now \o/

and Three Classical States of Matter is a tee i’ve wanted for a long time.
pro tip: sell it as a hoodie next week, and get another sale :wink:


Does anyone know what the Chinese(?) characters mean on The Samurai and the Sea Dragon shirt/hoodie?


Well hell. I already own all the awesome dragon shirts…and none of these dinos scream “must have on shirt!” to me. Be back for the next sale!


It’s Kanji. It says Samurai & Sea Dragon.


Awesome, bought a Critical Hit!