Cagematch: Narwhal vs. Unicorn

Lykkelig Liten Narkval!!


Narwhal vs. Unicorn vs. Rhino
You guys didn’t include the best unicorn design to date! Be What You Want

I’m confused… Why did you include the Narwhal with the books in the top header image but not put it in the sale!? I love that shirt! Go Narwhals!

it has been added! we all better here?

Well, lookie here! I have both One Line One Horn and The Narwhal that are unwashed, unworn and size men’s medium that I would love to rehome! Please let me know if you’re interested (and thank you! I want them out of my office!)

Unicorns? You must be kidding.

Can you please consider offering some girly (kid) shirt options in pink or raspberry or purple tones? The unicorn rainbow shirt ( is cute, but most little girls don’t love green (i.e., my 3 girls won’t wear green unless they are presented with the options of green shirt vs. their birthday suit).
Is there not a large enough market for girls’ shirts?
I have seen at least a handful of Woot designs that would be cute for my 3 little girls, but they are never on a girly color shirt, so the shirts would only sit in a drawer at my house, so I just skip the shirt purchase altogether.
In an ideal world, I would love to see additional girly designs on girly colors (e.g., shades of pink, shades of purple which could work for both genders), although I’m guessing someone doesn’t think enough would be sold to make good Woot sense?
Am I the only one who would buy multiple girly shirts for my young girls, if the shirts were available?

I’ve never really thought of Tshirt colors as being gendered. Maybe pink. But they’re just shirts. I love green, and I was a girl last time I checked.

So nice to see that sullen look of disapproval on the narwhal once again. Welcome back!