Cajun Injector Propane Turkey Fryer

**Item: **Cajun Injector Propane Turkey Fryer
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What’s up, homebrewers - this is essentially the same thing I started brewing beer with. You’ll want a stainless steel pot at some point, but a kit very much like this one got me through my first 5-10 batches of beer.

I would jump, except for that “safety timer” whoozit on there. Since my boil lasts an hour or more, 12 minutes at a clip is pretty sad. Can that be overriden/defeated for those of us who will use this with something other than oil?

Check out these safety tips when planning on deep frying your turkey

I brew in aluminum, and my beers come out just fine…no need for stainless. This set up is definitely not ideal for brewing with that automatic shut off, though.

Mmmmm, maybe I’ll cook my turkey in some wort!

Sorry, can’t resist:

This “just one more” thing is what got me problems in the first place. Have a good weekend y’all.

1st step to deep frying turkey: Don’t put it in frozen. Thaw it out first.

Wooooooot…where’s the cajun injector spicy marinade? they don’t throw in a bottle of that w/ the purchase? God I loves me some cajun injection marinade. If that’s an upcoming Woot, I’d be the victim of a terrible electrocution accident from the drool shorting out my keyboard as I hit the buy button. But then I would not be able to taste this year’s cajun turkey. Sadface.

It’s apparently a simple thing to hotwire.


Am I missing something or does this not come with the stand to actually fry your turkey on?(the stand the turkey sits on inside the oil) Was gonna bite but dont see it in the list or pictures. Thanks

Look at the pics. Put the turkey in the basket and lower it with the hanger. Make sure that the neck is I obstructed (including by its own skin) as when you lower the turkey into the oil, air in the body cavity will need to flow freely through your bird as the abdominal cavity fills with oil.

Pro: narrow pot. I bought a turkey fryer on closeout at the Home Depot over a decade ago. It is great for cooking large quantities of pasta but is too wide for cooking turkey. Don’t get me wrong, I have deep fried a number of turkeys as well as other poultry. My favorite is deep frying two ducks at a time. A wide pot was not a problem when peanut oil was $14.98 for five gallons but look at how much it is now. You will want to cook with peanut oil as the flavor cannot be beat. Never use olive oil. It will smoke.

Con: timer. If the timer goes off every 12 minutes, you are going to go crazy. It takes a while to heat the oil and then it will take four minutes a pound to cook your unstuffed turkey (note: never deep fry a stuffed bird).

Ok well I’ve fried turkey before always had a start stand for bird to sit on, made easier for oil flow and even cooking as the bird wasn’t actually laying on anything. Which is why I ask. Thanks basket I’ve always used for crawfish boils.

I own a very similar unit, and agree the timer is a royal pain. But, as has been pointed out it can be easily circumvented.

For those taking the plunge into the delicious world of deep-fried turkey - I suggest giving it a go when you first get the fryer delivered. Your second turkey will be better than your first. That way on Thanksgiving Day, you’ll be a pro.

I do mine cajun-style with an injection marinade of butter, beer, and creole seasoning. After injecting it, I cover the turkey in plastic wrap and let it sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Then it gets a healthy coating inside and out of the creole seasoning rub before going into the fryer. It’s a big hit every year.

exactly! and aluminum is just fine for longer than 5-10 kegs, you can keep it when you switch to all grain and sparging and use it as one of your boil pots

Using this to boil beer sounds like a great idea.

I am tempted to get this for wok cooking. Home stovetops don’t put out the heat necessary for authentic stir frying, but this will. And I’d get a big stock pot thrown in.

I bought a turkey fryer for last thanksgiving. It is a backyard pro model, and I’m considering buying another.

If you decide to buy one of these, do your research! There is quite a bit of information to learn before you light that burner under 5 gallons of fuel.

Peanut oil is recommended. If you have a peanut allergy, you’re in luck. Refined Peanut oil isn’t an allergen.

One helpful tip that I found was that after you’ve heated your oil, and are ready to drop your turkey in, turn off the burner. Slowly lower the turkey into the oil, once it’s fully immersed you can safely re-light the burner.

My mom is looking forward to me frying a turkey again this Thanksgiving, since it got everyone outside and out of the kitchen so she could prepare the rest of the dinner uninterrupted.