Calcareous Vineyards 2007 Red - 3 Pack



Calcareous Vineyards 2007 Red - 3 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2007 Calcareous Vineyards Estate Tres Violet
1 2007 Calcareous Vineyards Meritage
1 2007 Calcareous Vineyards Estate Reserve Syrah
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Totally thought this read “Caduceus,” as in Maynard Keenan’s wine…


2007 Tres Violet

cork: purple, smells slightly of fresh berries.
color: maroon, looks deep and thick.
nose: alcohol, berries, jammy. After decanting a bit of an oak smell comes out. (fiancee says, it smells like an expensive cocktail – as if one were to mix strawberries and raspberries with Vodka and sugar)

initially young, a bit rough with a slight bitter aftertaste. Flavored like tart berries.

after airing out for about 30 minutes the roughness dissipates and more complex flavors come out, but it is still dominated by sweet fruity flavors and oak with a hint of clove. Aftertaste is fruity, citrusy taste.

additional thoughts: the wine tastes young but seems to have a lot of potential, the flavors should develop and integrate better and the harshness should diminish.
Airing it out, either in the bottle or decanting it is a must at the moment to appreciate the wine’s character.

If anyone is curious about this wine, feel free to ask me any questions or read the reviews on cellar tracker (and not the winery’s website) as they seem to approximate our impressions.


2007 was a good, if not great, vintage in Paso Robles. Better snatch up this before the 2008’s become more commonly offered, as '08 had an inopportune 3-day triple digit inland heat spike. Fairly easy to taste the 07/08 difference in otherwise identical wines.


Tempted by this for the Syrah alone.


Hey, I just realized I’ve got a bottle of this Syrah in my cellar. I’ll try to do an informal labrat later this weekend.


the last woots were 2006. The best of those was the Syrah, which handled the alcohol well, with fine minerality on the finish. This is a Reserve Syrah from 07, which should be a better year, so I’m very curious to hear a report.

From the stats, and prior experience with the 06s, these are likely not restrained wines, but big, juicy, with significant alcohol. Though th e Syrah was great, that alcohol on the Cab and Zin from the last offer put me off any more of these. This offer is also $20 a bottle rather than the prior $15. These will have to be very good and better than the 06s to tempt me.


The Tres Violet has an interesting blend of syrah,grenache and mourvedre. I like trying wines that have the lesser used or known “juice”. If it’s done right.


I picked up the Tres Violet from Lot18 (back in April, I think). Definitely liked it, although I seem not to have written a note. It was $24 there.


Visited Paso Robles a couple of months ago. at dinner on our last night, had a chance to taste the 2008 Calcareous Grenache/Mourvedre. Loved it and ended up going to a tasting on our way out of town. Didn’t take notes, so no idea if any of these wines were poured. Suffice it to say, we loved the views from the tasting room (pretty spectacular!), loved the wines and the people too.

So order some, OK? I am!


I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who had that thought. If Caduceus were ever to show up, though, I might be in the runnings for first sucker…

As for this wine, the percentages on the two blends look really interesting. I’ve been getting into Rhone-type wines a lot more lately, so I’m looking forward to reading the rats’ reviews, especially of the Syrah.


/raises hand…for a fleeting second, me too


I had the chance to visit their TR, up the winding hill to Jerome. Wine poured throughout the verde valley was really green and pretty blah in my opinion. Caduceus wasn’t pouring any of their upper end wines, but anything <$50 wasn’t worth $15 IMHO. AZ has a long way to go. Another thing to note is most of the wine poured in verde valley, is not grown there (most from wilcox). Keenan has his hands in some way shape or form in almost every winery out there.


This is a very good deal; I’ve had all these wines (from this vintage!) and can say that $20 a bottle plus shipping is more than worth it. FWIW, I paid $30-ish per bottle for each.

Of the three, the Syrah is the best (pair it with barbecued brisket!), although the Tres Violet has very interesting flavor notes – I found a little apple skin, some rose, and some nice baking spice in it. The Meritage is a very elegant style, with enough oomph to stand up to a big steak, but suave enough to work with lighter foods as well.


How long does shipping usually take for winewoot?


Mine has taken a minimum of three weeks. But it might + or - that depending on where you live.


Typically ships out on Mondays following the deal. For the weekends it is normally an extra week, i.e. this weekends deal will probably ship on 8/1. All bets are off if heat impacts the shipping schedule though.


And somehow they always manage to ship my orders out on Monday and Tuesday of the following week (or 2 weeks later) so I have to wait for wine on Wednesday and Thursday.


I typically order during summer and can just about guarantee the heat will have an effect. The wine I order during the most recent woot off is estimated to arrive around 7.25 (i believe it was ordered 7.14).

1.5 to 2.5 weeks has been my general experience. Worth the wait however–who needs $60 vinegar?