Calf Compression Sleeves

Can we get some information on sizing for these calf sleeves? i.e. what calf size at the widest point fits for a small, medium and large?

We have that in the specs tab of each sale, if you click through on any of the sleeves, click the “specs” tab beneath the images for sizing info.

won’t these make me look like I have skinny calves while still having thunder thighs?


what is the compression rating of these?

Are these only for women? Or are they unisexual?

[MOD: Unisex]

I have answered my own question by actually reading… sorry.

I’ve bought these before as a nurse and they are fantastic. But do you get a pair or a single sleeve?

[MOD: You get a pair.]

Would this aid someone suffering from shin splints?

Dang, that should have been my line.

Does anyone know any info about any risk of shrinkage? Or, what if my ankle & calf measurements fall within 2 different sizes, how should I decide which to choose? Can anybody lend a bit of advice on wether it’s better to pick the smaller size for snugger compression (or might that be too snug & decrease circulation?); or would it be smarter to go with the larger size & hope that they aren’t too loose?? Thanks for any input!

My sister had a pair of these… she swore by them when flying long distance. Personally I think she is paranoid, but stylishly paranoid she was :slight_smile:

I would recommend going to the larger size if you’re in between because they can and will srhink in the wash and dry. In fact, you really need to follow the washing instructions - wash cold and tumble dry low. I’d hang dry to avoid any amount of shrinking. I accidentally dried a similar pair and it’s tight but wearable compared to what it used to be.

And yes, these do help a lot. Before using these, I had a lot of lower leg pains but I use these religiously now - won’t run more than a mile without one.