California Flower Bulb Company

Are there any dimensions for any of the planters? Also, it says succulents included–are they already planted in the planters?

This is a great question… any input all mighty Woot?

I received an air plant as a gift once and it required me to soak it for a few hours and then plant it in a terrarium. Not that its a bad thing but it would be good to know this in advance.

Buyer is working on getting dimensions. Please hold.

Update: Dimensions are added.

I think this stuff is way over priced. You can get hens & chicks for free from a neighbor.

Exactly. Even the local greenhouses around here have similar arrangements with succulents that are about half the price.

So this is ready to go? Will they grow indoors?

They should be good to go and should be able to be grown in doors. Make sure that they can get enough sun though, at least in my experience they just don’t do as well without some direct sun (though I am surprisingly not good at keeping succulents alive anyway).

Great deal on succulents at costco right now. This is not a deal, you will find yourself paying the same if not less at your local nursery or even home depot (Do not reccomend though as they sell painted plants as well as glue fake flowers on them)

I’m more interested in the containers than the plants, which by the looks of it aren’t healthy for dogs and cats to nom on when we’re not there to shoo them away.

It’s still a bit confusing which ones come with and without plants. Any help?

For the California Flower Bulb LR-9-4SS 4" Succulents Set of 9 - Variety Pack, does each order ship with one of each of the shown plants, or do they randomly throw in other types of succulents (cacti, aloe and the likes)? Can’t find a website to verify.

I got the centerpiece. It was really well packed. However it doesn’t look like the photo. Less plants and covered with green moss stuff which I hate, it smells yucky when wet. I’ll take the moss out and hope these propagate and fill in. It’s not a complete disappointment but it’s not what was shown either. And be careful pulling it out, it dumped dirt all over the floor.

We bought three of these, and about 1/4 of the plants in the planter are dead upon arrival. Not thrilled with the value on this one, woot.