California Jumbo Premium Pistachios



20 buck bag of nuts FTL


I’d lvoe them… but why the heck are pistachios 20 bux + 5 bux shippin and handling. Aka 25 dollars… for a bag of pistachios.


So far this week has been a great chance to keep ,my wallet in my pocket. not even remotely tempted by any of the offerings. Hopefully the next offer will be better than a bunch of #!#!@#$v nuts or overpriced pasta sauce!
Jeff in PdX


$22 from Fiddyment Farms:


This is gift week. The products are not necessarily related to wine.


WAY too much for a bag of nuts.


$23 + $8.99 shipping when purchased directly from Fiddyment Farms

Not much of a deal…


Fruit of The Loom?


I know a good deal when I see it. I’m in for 3.

Bye bye, potato chips, hello delicious nuts!!


I just don’t feel like 20 dollars for nuts is a good deal…


shipping on this site is over $8 if you spend $22.00.



For the lose, sir.


Really? If you get one bag from woot, it’s about 22% less than getting one bag direct from the farm. It only gets better if you get more than one. And they’re probably better than any pistachios you could get at the local grocery store…depending on where you live, I guess. There’s no Whole Foods or Central Market near me, but I bet they don’t sell them for $5/lb if they have premium pistachios…whatever that means.

Seems like a good deal to me.

Does anybody know how well these would store in the freezer? I’d like to get more than one, but it would take us a while to get through that many nuts.


I think that is a pretty good deal for 5 lbs of good nuts, isn’t it? although why i would need that many at any given time is beyond me, and giving nuts as a gifts seems a little . . . nuts


Go to your local market and buy 5 bags of pistachios. It’ll end up pretty close to 15-17$, this is a pretty good deal if these are “premium” like advertised


Straight from Fiddyment Farms you pay $23.00 plus $8.99 shipping so technically it’s a better deal because you can order more than one from Woot and still only pay $5.00 shipping. I forget though how much Costco sells their bags for. I thought it was a 2-3 lb bag for like $11 so this is still a decent deal. I’m in for one I guess. I’m sober enough to think I can manage all those nuts!


Pistachios are pretty expensive at the store…especially for 5 pounds. I think they are 5-8 dollars a pound at most whole food stores. This is not a bad deal especially if you got company coming for the holidays or enjoy nuts.


Ok, nut farmer Mr. Fiddyment… talk me into it.


3920 nuts at $24.99…less than 0.7 cents a nut