California Karma 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon & 2009 Chardonnay Case

California Karma 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon & 2009 Chardonnay Case
$99.99 + $5 shipping
6 California Karma 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon
6 California Karma 2009 Chardonnay
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2/10/10 (07 Cab)

What’s the drinking window on these, especially considering the very recent bottling date?

I’d also be interested in knowing especially for the Chardonnay whether it was aged in oak or not.

Meh…no thanks…cant find any info on the company or the wine. Best I can find is 07,08 CT which are nothing special to need 6 bottles of.

Here is a little info from Custom Beverage wines as one of it’s brands.

California Karma Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay

Made by Vina Robles winemaker Matthias Gubler, with cabernet grapes from Paso Robles and chardonnay grapes from Monterey County.

I see this vintage elsewhere online for about $10/bottle.

Like here

So California Karma is made by Vina Robles winery…who has a website.

Someone asked about the chard being oaked. IF its made in the same style as the VR Chard then yes it is, which is aged for 8 months in oak.

Found where the 07 Cal Karma was offered on WW before.

A notable post that confirms my suspicions about why this wine is so hard to find…

Nice to know, thanks for the info. Hopefully the winery can confirm sometime over the weekend.

Yum Yum,6 bottles of butter and gravel.Do yourself a favor and try a Gascogne region wine from France for $5.They are smart enough there to blend 75% chennin with chardonnay to kill the buttery taste.

I opened a bottle of Gazzi Chardonnay the other day and was very surprised to find absolutely no butter, considering it saw both oak and malo-actic fermentation. The effect was rather a very silky and round mouthfeel, somewhat subdued fruit, touch of minerality and excellent overall. My point being that plain stats completely deceived me on that one!

I agree about the Gazzi Chardonnay. Loved it. The NoCo Chard, however, will make me swear off from stainless steel forever. Almost made me swear off white wines altogether! First very disappointing WineWoot for me. Therefore, a little more info on barrel aging on this offering will be appreciated.

Put this review into CT! Like it. Wonder if this Chard will pleasantly surprise…

These guys are from Paso Robles, ad use Touriga Nacional, Tannat and ther warm-weather grapes in thir other wines, which is very smart. And from that warm region that’s what I’d drink. I suspect this is creatd a a sop to the “I only drink Cab” contingent. Also, 09 is too young IMHO for any Cab, even a cheap rubbish one, unless it’s a completely ripe Aussie CS or Cab Shiraz. My window for cheap but reasonable (as opposed to crap) Cabs is probably drinking 05-07 atm.

Actually, our resident troll Mudman has a point. If you live in France.

Just to expand on Kao’s question, how long was the oak treatment? I assume full MLF as well?

i want some rat reports, or this is a no go for me

I have to disagree on the Gazzi, I really didn’t enjoy any of his wines (except when I was already drunk from some wellington I enjoyed the taste of the pinot) The pinot seemed to fall apart in my mouth after an initial spicyness and the chard, I thought, didn’t have much taste to it at all…I thought maybe that was because it was so old (I believe there was an '06 and an '07) I dunno, maybe there was something there I didn’t pick up on…

Karma,Karma,Karma,Karma Karma-CabSauvingnon, you come and go, you come and go-o-o-o…

Sorry, couldn’t hold back the Boy George in me.

If the the Chard is actually produced by Vina Robles it would be worth considering, for me, but I REALLY don’t want or need 6 bottles of such a young Cab.

Seems to me I can pick up random wines when needed of this quality anytime I want at the same price and not need to commit to 12 bottles and once and wait for shipping…gonna pass.

Although I’m going to pass due to capacity issues, this seems like a decent buy for use at a party with a minority of wine snobs in attendance. I’d think of this as a step up from the $6 bottles of supermarket wine that most folks seem to think is a good idea to serve at their parties. You’ll be able to be proud knowing that you’re serving your guests something that “is good in deed” rather than wine that “is named after and tastes like feet”. Additionally, there’s little chance that anyone at the party would think of you as a cheapskate, since it’s unlikely attendees would have prior knowledge of the wine.