California Karma Cabernet Sauvignon (12)

California Karma Cabernet Sauvignon Case
$99.99 $187.00 47% off List Price
2010 California Karma Cabernet Sauvignon
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I think I’ve bought this every time it has come up. Great everyday drinker. In for one. Would get 2 or 3 but that would probably raise eyebrows in the mail room .

A couple of prior offers (of the 2009): (Thumbs up from Woot’s most prominent Cabophile)

I’ve been looking for a good everyday red wine under $10 out the door. With positive reviews and my wine rack currently empty I am in for 2.

This is a very good daily drinker. in for 2 at $8.00 shipping, no brainer.

Ha! After all the years I have been buying wine here, this is the first time I have run into one that is not shipping to Wyoming!!! That is funny because Wyoming has to be the easiest state in the union to ship wine to…Oh well…I guess I will open a bottle of Wellington and play with my guns…

Fred, have you tried this vintage? I see that it’s 80 Cab/20 P. Verdot, unlike the '09, which was Cab, all Cab.

NO I haven’t I based my buy on the last one the 2009, didn’t check the spec’s, should have, to me it means it’s a 'Lighter" cab, shame on me. I would have only bought 1 as a Blend, I trust them so I still expect a good daily drinker here. But would have preferred 100% cab.
Big brother wouldn’t allow shame without the *'s, weird

Can we get RS percent on this?

I wouldn’t worry too much, Fred. The PV should add structure and some more earth, tobacco, notes. It shouldn’t lighten the palate at all. This is all speculation, of course.

Kyle, I respect your wine knowledge, Hope your right, and I’m not too worried, but I do need to read the Specs. before pulling the trigger.

Absolutely. This could have has Pinot Noir blended in it! :wink:

Has anyone received this yet? I got a shipping notice on the 15th, but there’s still no update at the FedEx tracking.

Looks like it shipped out today.

Thank you! This morning I had a voice mail message stating an adult signature would be required for delivery today. I hope one of my co-workers will be sober enough to sign for it :confused: