California Karma Cabernet Sauvignon (12)

Anyone have any tasting notes on this wine? The price is right, but I am not interested in a thin or uncomplicated Cabernet Sauvignon.

Discussion from last time around…

Really glad to see this show up, even though it’s the same price as last time. We really enjoyed this. Was tempted to order 2, but it will probably arrive while we’re on vacation and I didn’t like the idea of multiple cases of wine with my name on it loitering in the mail room.

Don’t have specific tasting notes, but my recollection is pretty big, not too fruity. Not thin at all.

At less than $10/bottle, uncomplicated is pretty much a given.

Last Wooter to Woot:

when did shipping go to $7.00

I see
■$7 standard summer shipping per order: we’re adding a couple of bucks on to the usual $5 shipping charge, and adding some time into the process. Shipping orders to most of the country in protective refrigerated trucks isn’t easy or cheap, or fast for that matter, but it’ll be worth it to keep your wine from turning into soup.

Did you buy this last time as well? I thought I remember you being on the fence about it.
Any tasting notes?

Thanks for the opinions. I’m still on the fence, but it is definitely tempting.

no I passed, had to give it a try, after all this IS a wootoff

No AZ because of licensing issues or because it’s 110 degrees outside?

Hum…I’m guessing using the shopping cart to save on shipping isn’t going to work with woot-off items? Can’t add them to my cart all day then checkout? Cart probably doesn’t actually reserve the item before it sells out?

They do not exclude states because of weather, so licensing is the answer.

Correct. Adding an item to the cart does not prevent it from selling out

Answered my own question by adding to and hovering over the cart!

I lost out on a previous woot-off item today by being too slow. I think I just got in on this one.

Judging from the fact that the percentage dropped two percent when I ordered, I would say there are three cases remaining.

FedEx says shipment was initiated on Jun 26, but no further update there. Any ideas?

I’m in the same boat as you. I have had a shipment notification on 6/25, but no activity.

Shipping notification means that the shipper was notified of an impending shipment. Per the FAQ, you’ll receive your wine in 2-3 weeks. The holiday put a hitch in things as they only ship on M-W to make sure the wine keeps moving. The short week put a hitch in that, I’m sure.

Your patience will be rewarded.