California Umbrella 9-Foot Steel Pole Push Tilt

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California Umbrella 9-Foot Steel Pole Push Tilt
Price: $37.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Apr 30 to Monday, May 05) + transit
Condition: New


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Wait - does it come with a base or do I have to buy that separately?

is the base included?

no, it’s available in a side sale.

Here are the bases.

Since the additional bases are the same price listed as the actual umbrella, I’d say they probably aren’t included, however they are in the picture, and it doesn’t specifically say they aren’t included, so I am confused as well.

Edit: Mod stated they are separate. I’d like to see that specifically pointed out in the details/specs.

The bases are sold in a separate sale, here.

I knew there must be a catch.

Does anyone know if the umbrellas are canvas or vinyl/some other material? I’m not seeing it on here - or their site. But, I may also just be special…

Based on the colors, I think it’s something called Pacifica, which is a “solution-dyed polyester fabric.”

Maybe a stupid question, but would these serve as a good beach umbrella? Like, one I could just stick in the sand and have some nice shade without worrying about it coming apart due to the winds or whatever?

This item has a very poor description. I did figure out that the base was not included because I saw that umbrella bases were sold in a separate area, but I wasn’t sure if the umbrella or the pole was 9 ft. Also, one can’t tell what the fabric is like. It seems to try to keep us in the dark…which then makes one feel that it must be inferior.

This product is very poorly described. Is 9 feet the height if the pole or the diameter of the umbrella?

I can’t believe that’s not in the specs.

WOOT can be pretty shady about the details.

What is the umbrella diameter?

  • Or MAYBE, it’s the circumference…*

Actually, the 9 foot in the description is the nominal diameter, a pretty standard way to list these.
(Kind of like buying a 12 inch dinner plate… you wouldn’t expect it to be 12 inches tall… or around…)
That being said, leaving off the type of fabric they are made out of IS a major oversight…

And throw in the fact that you can get a 50# base shipped for $0.00 if you buy it at the same time, and this is actually a pretty good deal.

Does it require a table or can it be freestanding? (assuming the proper base)

Will this fit into the holes on my patio table and not need a base? I assume it would, but there are no pictures of that, nor is there the measurements for the pole diameter…

Could a very tall person use this as a regular umbrella???