California Umbrella 9-ft Patio Umbrellas

California Umbrella 9-ft Patio Umbrellas

Why does it say six ribs but show eight?

Good eyes. Not sure but I’m asking. I’m guessing the photos are correct.

It’s 6. Got mine today. Pretty basic. Generally unimpressed but I’ll get something else next year.

I got mine yesterday, right after I left the house and right before it rained… so, easy-open packaging! LOL It’ll work fine for what I need.

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Mine came with the holes way to high up the pole. I ended up drilling some new ones in order to put it up properly.

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Yep, I found that too. And though maybe I was just doing it wrong and the chain was supposed to hold it up. The chain snapped by the next morning. I think I’ll take your cue and just drill some new holes.

I am VERY disappointed in this item the umbrella doesn’t open enough to slide the metal bar into the pole I won’t purchase anything from here again

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