California Umbrellas - Your Choice

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California Umbrellas - Your Choice
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8/30/2013 - $29.99 - 24 comment(s)

Here is the optional base, with ok reviews

Let’s learn all about California Umbrella

Damn. And here I am in Oklahoma. Is there some sort of list or something I can subscribe to for Oklahoma umbrellas?

I was just going to ask the same about NY :wink:

That’s not fair! That California. They get EVERYTHING.

Anyone know the difference in shades from sunset orange and tuscan orange? Patio set is " pakrika" orange. No pic for sunset. Would be cheaper than $299 they are asking for matching umbrella to my outdoor furniture & need at least 2.

I’m from California and naturally I can answer any of these questions about a California umbrella better than anyone else.

First, I think you mean “paPrika”, Ms Bowers, don’t you?

Sure you do… And so I’d imagine sunset Orange to be brighter (as in closer to yellow than ot is to red) than Tuscan Orange.

Now, setting that aside, I think that no matter how hard you try, you aren’t likely to be able to match the exact same shade… And having to have the umbrellas be slightly off color from the rest of the furniture will make it look cheap and/or make one or the other look old and used up (faded). So you might consider going with the same color but intentionally go with a completely different shade of that same color and that way it would look like you couldn’t screw it up as badly if you tried, and instead it will look intentional…

Hope this helps!

Well, not “everything” everything, just everything COOL…

Including earthquakes…

Ever been in an earthquake wootorama? How about 5 earthquakes in the span of less than an hour?

Yes, looking back on them may seem like fun (as long as no one was injured) but to live life having to anticipate that the BIG one is coming, but who knows when, well… That might be worth a lot more than a bunch of pretty unbrellas; don’t you think?

Be careful what you wish for…

If it’s anything like IL, just wait a week or so and the wind should deliver one, although you don’t get to select the color or style…

Including a 5.1 earth quake a few hours ago.

Your earthquake will be next time your legislators meet…Tax me baby!!!

With these kind of bases you ALWAYS have to spray it down with Rust-Oleum or another kind of anti rusting deal. Otherwise it will get all sortsa nasty after the first rain.

Anyone have personal experience with the fabrics here (polyester vs olefin)? The ad copy seems to suggest that if you’re going to leave it out in the sun and rain that the olefin is the better call. Just wondering if anyone has a polyester patio umbrella that stood the test of time (or faded really quickly)?

Do these work with any umbrella base or only theirs?

No, and yes. In CA I gave up long ago trying to beat the sun. Now I just buy khaki colored umbrellas when they’re on sale and replace them when they die. Notice I said “when”, not “if”. And unless you spend a great deal on the aluminum/crank style, be prepared for them to be permanently tilted after the first moderately brisk wind.

I don’t have any experience with these particular umbrellas, so my comments are generic in nature. And as far as the various oranges vs. paprika color; don’t worry, if you leave them out in the sun they’ll all be the same color in short order anyway!

Actually, there is a sunset orange at the bottom of the row of pictures…but colors might vary slightly between models. Best suggestion is pick a complementary color. For a saturated orange like yours is likely to be, perhaps a navy or royal blue, a black, a khaki or even a lime green might work nicely.

As others have mentioned, these WILL FADE, so matching your furniture only ensures heartbreak in a season or two.

Yes indeed, paprika is correct. Quick typing on a phone and no proofreading will do that. Don’t think I’ve had an umbrella past a season with the sun & wind (even more expensive ones), so hate paying too much since I need a couple at least around the pool. Had decided to go that way- thanks!

if you are going to buy one of these get the auto tilt! It’s just no fun in the sun to be pushing and umbrella around.