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How big are the drinks these go in?

Fishbowl margaritas? I’m in!

Some Meh reviews (2.5 out of 5.0) on the blue model over at amazon

umbrellas made just for Californians?

Anyone know where to get the optional base?

You can get it on Amazon for a hefty price and it has a couple less than stellar reviews.
Looks like it rusts easily.

At first I was like “yes, I need an patio umbrella!”

But given the mediocre reviews, and the obscenely expensive base, I don’t think this is the one for me.

Okay, stay with me here…what if you–got a large pot and filled it with soil and jammed the umbrella in there. Would that work? I’m actually thinking of doing this so somebody poke holes in this idea to stop me if you think it’s a bad idea.

You could even plant stuff in the pot and leave the umbrella down when you’re not using it so the plant can get sun. It’s not like one uses their umbrella every day.

The pole is 1.5 inches in diameter so you could get a base at a local store or online starting at $20, like one from DC America (from China). But bases do go all the way into the hundreds of dollars if you really want something that screams how sophisticated you are while it’s hidden under a table.

Probably better, put a PVC pipe big enough for the shaft of the umbrella.

You can get pretty cheap umbrella bases at stores, though. As long as the hole in the base is big enough for the shaft, I don’t see any reason why one of those wouldn’t work for this umbrella.

The point of a base is to hold the umbrella down during strong winds/wind gusts. That’s why they tend to be quite heavy, and clamp tightly on to the bar. Just sticking it in a pot ain’t going to do that.

And yeah, you can buy a pretty cheap base at any home improvement store. I got a clay one from Home Depot for about $12 or $15 a few years ago. No need to pop for this one.

I’d just stick this through the hoke in my table just for that purpose. However, there’s no tilt to this umbrella so I’ll pass.

Home Depot, Lowes or a patio furniture store or chain. There should be good sales off and online. Get a decent, heavy base. There are the type that hold water, I don’t recommend that, get a good weighted or heavy base.

In for 1 in the cart, will use it until we get an awning for the new stone patio. We have 1 stand alone and 2 in the tables. All have tilt, we rarely use them but the umbrellas are fairly large.

I don’t know the quality of this but even if it lasts a year or 2 it’s fine for this price. For those who have never had 1 don’t leave it out all year depending on your weather. Cover it with a zipper cover or tarp and get it out of the elements, they last longer. We have 1 that is well over 10 years new and looks brandy new. Close during rain or storms. Clean light colors more often then dark and don’t use bleach. Sometimes, hosing down will suffice, most times use a gentle detergent.

I suppose we’re seeing these here on woot, since “it never rains in California”.

Still, I don’t know… these seem to make it difficult getting in and out of the car without getting soaked.

You are almost there, first you fill the bottom 1/3 or 1/2 with quikrete with a pvc pipe in the middle big enough to fit the umbrella in. Drill a hole near the top of the pipe to put a screw in it to help stabilize the umbrella if needed (and some smaller holes in the pipe near the quikrete for excess water drainage). Fill the remainder of pot with soil and plant your flowers.

I had one similar. Great shade but really heavy since it’s all wood.
Also because it is all wood. Do not leave out in the rain. The wood swells or warps then you can’t open and close it any more.
I got 5+ years out of mine. And now I have broken it down into plant stakes for my vegetable garden. So Recyclable.

You’ll get plenty of tilt if you just stick it through a tabletop. I guaran-effing-tee it.

You won’t have much control over which way, or how much. If it’s a light table you’re likely to get more than 90 degrees of “tilt” in any wind at all. But standing up straight isn’t anything you’ll have to worry about; in fact it won’t even be an option.

I have mine through the table hole, and then into a weighted base which I bought locally at Big!Lots.


Y U NO BASE?!?!?