Calistoga Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Duo



Calistoga CellarsCabernet Sauvignon Duo
$54.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
1 Calistoga Cellars 2004 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
1 Calistoga Cellars 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

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(edited to change the '04 to the Louer Family Vineyard wine)

Props toMozart for a great guess!


Is this a bit pricey?


I was thinking the same thing
$30 bucks a pop!


Well, they sell the 2003 Cabernet on their website for $30. This seems rather high, IMHO.


There is the 03 cab at my local wine store (on their website anyway) for $27. i think my wallet is safe this week…dont change my mind winemakers and labrats


Seems a bit pricey to me. Wines are closer to sales price but you save on shipping…thats the MO the last two or three offerings.


I found the 2003 for 19.99 with orders over 49 bucks shipped free. Seems like i could get 3 2003 shipped for the same price as the duo here. I know 2004 is supposed to be a stellar year for Napa Cabs but this seems a bit pricey…
Jeff in PDX


Avg. Rating: 92.0/100 (1 Review)
Winery: Calistoga Cellars
Vintage: 2004
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Country: United States
Region: California: Napa Valley
Retail Price: $$ 16.99 USD


I found the same wine on this site for $16.99.
Pawineandspirits link
Maybe Woot will give us a price break.


Um… just to let you guys know.

The 2004 that they have listed here isn’t their standard Cab. Its a single vineyard cab opposed to their standard (03 that everyone is listing and the 05) which is a blend of grapes from different vineyards.

So i’m assuming their 2004 is a significantly more expensive wine.
Corrodo,change your link for the 2004 on cellar tracker to this one.

hopefully it’d avoid some confusion. But the real question is… how much does that single vineyard cab go for? And… wouldn’t it suck if you labrat’d and got the 2005, cause I personally don’t think anyone is basing their purchase on the low end one =P I might purchase just to see if it is!



Mozart wins. And how about that site downage?


Yep, good catch. I just went off the product listing & didn’t sift for the details.


Your right! My bad. Still seems expensive but i will reserve judgment (and purchase!) till later in the week!

Jeff in PDX


I love this winery. They switched locations of their tasting room recently. We stumbled upon their tasting room in Napa years ago, and bought a mixed case, and it ended up being some of the best wine of the trip. Perhaps if someone from the winery joins us, they can talk about the new location. From my recollection, the winery story was pretty neat too, but the details are a bit of a haze.

I’m for two at least.


Probably won’t find prices to compare from elsewhere, at least on the single vineyard wine…Woot product description says “Until now, the Calistoga Cellars 2004 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon – Louer Family Vineyard has only been available through Calistoga’s wine club and at their tasting room. We persuaded them to open up their stash to the Wine.Woot audience.”

I don’t see the 05 described in the main web site but perhaps it is written up in some of the club area of the Calistoga website which can’t be accessed without joining (free).

Wonder when the 05 was released? This isn’t a launch, is it?

One more thing…their premium wine club has somewhat intriguing terms…

"Calistoga Cellars Partners Club

In this Club, you are the boss. When you want to order, you decide how many cases you want and their make. This is a great opportunity to mix and match any of our wines in any case amounts. And, your price discount is substantially higher than the Taster Club. You will also recieve a discount approxamtley (sic) 30% on wine purchases with shipping included WHEN ORDERING 12 BOTTLES OR MORE."

Big discount and free shipping for case minimum? Wish more wineries would do that.


After the last couple weeks, Im going to have to pass this time around.

However, the description this week was one of the best ones ever. Awesome!


I’m out this week, I have CA cab from 12 years ago that is getting ready to turn. I need to drink that, not buy new cab.


I see the coffee is back as the side-deal. I would get it, but I still have a bunch in my freezer from last time (we only drink our morning cup around here, far, far less than in my youth–and five pounds of coffee lasts a while). Indeed, I am drinking some as I type. My wife, who rarely comments on the coffee I make every morning, expressed her unsolicited praise for this cuppa.

Here’s hoping they come back again as I come close to running out!

And as for last week’s cheese, I futzed around so long trying to decide, the forces of the marketplace made my decision for me. So who cut the cheese? Not me.