Call Box in Blue

I think Van Gough would be inspired by this shirt!

Furthermore I would say it’s like van gogh battling it out with john travolta on a gallifrey dancefloor…

Very nice

I love Doctor Who, but don’t know if I like this shirt. I need to sleep on it and make my decision when I’m soberish.

The BBC-approved “TARDIS Blue” is Pantone 2955C.

Very trippy… Like a trip through time man.

First Tardis shirt that’s really caught my attention. Trippy! First word that came to my mind.

Gah! This shirt tempts me into breaking my streak of not buying since the switch to Anvil shirts. It just fits so well with the other artistic Tardis shirt I already own… Relative Dimentions by ApeLad

Greetings Wooters!

Just want to say a quick thank you for checking out my shirt today. And a big thank you to Woot for hosting my 7th t-shirt sale. FYI, for those of you thinking it was inspired by Van Gogh, it is actually inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Cubist blue period. I thought the style went so nicely with the conceptual theme of Doctor Who. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Thanks again everyone! :slight_smile:

It’s gorgeous, and that’s without even being a fan of the good doctor. Quite clearly cubist inspiration. Very nicely done!

Thank you very much! Thoughtful comments like that remind me of why I love what I do. :slight_smile:

Interestingly, Woot actually told me it was the “relative Dimensions” shirt that almost caused them to reject mine. Apparently, someone thought the concept was too similar. Thank goodness they cam to their senses! :slight_smile:

Maybe when you’re inebriated, your good taste gets impaired. Have you thought of that my dear Whovian? :slight_smile:

Looks sharp ; )

Ok, now I’m REALLY mad that Woot doesn’t carry my size for any of their shirts. I’d be willing to pay more for a larger size too.

I would have purchased EVERY Dr. Who shirt Woot has, but I need a larger variety of sizes. What do you offer for the cube shaped?

Now I wish I liked the show, because this shirt looks amahzing.

To those who think this design has anything to do with Vincent van Gogh, you need to become more familiar with the works of Vincent van Gogh. Also, Picasso’s Blue Period was earlier than his Cubism works, and their stylization and color palettes are different. It’s a nice design regardless.

Yes. I think he would indeed.