Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Draw Fairway Wood

Tiger’s Wood?

Pic looks same… different?

EDIT: Yes, a bit different.

Deja vu

Oh god they are back.

There seems to be a subtle difference with these clubs vs. the clubs they had just a short while back.

No love for lefties…boooo!!!

Well whoever commented they missed out on the first one…here ya go…

How is this different than the one we saw earlier today?

Didn’t we already have the bertha?

edit: oh wait, it’s the Draw fairway wood vs. the Neutral fairway wood.


previous one was neutral i believe

So, did they sell out the first time or not?


The other clubs were “neutral”.

Come on not again… time for a BOC Baby…

should had sold it as a set!!!

Oh yeah! w00t’s shakin’ things up!

“…didn’t we just see this??..”

The last one was the “Diablo Neutral”. This is the “Diablo Draw”.

Last time one of the clubs was an 18 degree and this one now is 18.5 degrees.

It’s a glitch in the Matrix! They changed something!

These are not new in many different ways