Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Hybrid/Utility Golf Club

I could have bought the bean bag and hit the beans with these clubs!

What is a “Stainless stell head” ?

pre-owned? really?

i just want to see my new avatar!

Its a very very mad world… And Now We Wait…

This is only a mild improvement from bean bag chairs.


I prefer my pre-owned items without certification, thanks.

Does this mean I can drink less Gatorade when I golf?

Seriously, $80 for a pre-owned golf club?

Woot is hating on lefties again. Every dang wootoff.

Thanks, woot.

not bad, but difficult to buy without prior research



The shipping kills it :slight_smile:


Was it pre-owned by Greg Norman?

Ouch! Be careful swinging your club around my bean sack!

Moi aussie!

Gotta say it:

Bertha Butt.
One of the Butt sisters.