Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Neutral Fairway Wood

It’s so dead in here…don’t think anyone will notice anyhow. Hmmmm, kinda like my own S-y life, lololol

Used golf clubs? Ritzy.

Pre Owned! Can I have the one Tiger Woods used???

this is a pretty good deal on a new club

Interesting, too bad I don’t have time to golf every week, maybe next year.

All the woot golfers come out and buy these!

They said wood.


Bertha Butt, one of the Butt sisters.”

Anyone know where that quote is from? My bro & I have been saying that to each other, every time we hear “Bertha,” since we were kids.

you dropped a bomb on me, baby. You dropped a bomb on me.

If this was a lefty, I’d buy it. Shame.

You could post that pic of you in the red dress! That’ll wake 'em up!! :slight_smile:

Better yet, how about the one his wife used!

I wish woot would carry left-handed clubs every now and again!

Quality post right there.

People pay a LOT more to have 18" stiff…

This would be equivalent to a 3 & 4 wood. The stiff shaft is for most younger golfers with 95+ mph swing speed. Not a bad deal for your local weekend warrior.

Considering all the places Tiger stuck his sticks…not sure I would trust using his!