Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Neutral Fairway Wood

Details: Men’s Big Stiff Wood (Pre-Owned).
Thanks for the offer Woot, but I’ll pass on this one!

Is this like a “certified pre-owned” Lexus? I keep seeing ads for those on teevee


“Certified Pre-Owned” ??? Does that include a 30 point safety inspection?

Nice attempt at a joke, but it is 18 degrees not inches. You would have to hunch way over to play with an 18 inch club…

Diablo is the spanish word for devil. And Bertha is a germanic word meaning “Bright One”.

Hope this helps your decision in choosing this club.

LOL, Ahhhh, but then it would be removed again and I might get a warning! :slight_smile:

Got wood? If not, getcha some!

…that’s what she said!

I’m willing to risk that.

The one his wife used is broke off in a certain portion of his body.

It was in a song, Troglodyte by Jimmy Castor Bunch

Dang Lefty discrimination…

It even comes with a “headcover”! That’s good stuff. Remember kids, always wrap your wood.

It’s from a song called “Troglodyte” by the Jimmy Castor Bunch.

I’d only consider this if the sweat and grass stains are included

these are great clubs, I am like tiger when i use them, minus the mediocre girls