Callaway Golf Gear



Time to hear from our lady golfers! Who’s here?


I love Callaway Golf gear but never tried on their shoes. I’m normally a size 10 and have narrow feet… Anybody have any experience with their shoes with similar feet?


YAY!!! Tons of golf shoes to choose fr…oh…wait. All women’s. GGGAAAAARRRRR!!!


Hooray!! Ladies golf shoes that don’t (have to)come in Pandering Pink or unnecessarily weird shapes! Yes, please!


I missed my size during the last sale and was sad. Now they’re cheaper and I have more options to choose from. Hooray! Between the lower prices and my indecision, I’m in for 2 pairs! : )


I have been looking for the tan Callaway Farra shoes! All the stores in my area were sold out and now they are discontinued HORRAY!!!


What… the men only get a shirt this go round? And only 1 or 2 versions of shoes usually for the guys but the women have all different styles/colors/sizes?

Honestly good for the ladies… but Woot, I would like a BLACK pair of golf shoes in my size for a great price at some point. Thanks!


I bought the Razr X Black driver the first time it was offered, and I love it. Just a simple driver that works. It doesn’t hurt that I broke 80 for the first time with it (not once, but twice) over Labor Day weekend.


Finally! I just bought my winter golf shoes. I hope I don’t have to use them for a little while yet :slight_smile:


Just FYI, the Nike polos are nice but very tight fit. So if you like to wear your shirts a little loose and not skin tight, buy the next size up.


I found a Callaway sizing chart and went off of the Centimeter measurement and compared it to a comfortable pair of my own sneakers to find the right women’s size for me. Metric system FTW!


20 choices of women’s golf shoes and one men’s polo. Woot, I think that is sexist and Un-American!