Callaway Golf Shoesplosion!



Shoes! Probably not in every size, but if yours is not there (or already out) … please feel free to mention!

Reviews on comfort and fit also welcome.


Were the bio kinetic shoes available in 11?


If they were available but sold out, you’d see the size grayed out. If you don’t see the size listed, we didn’t get the size.

Unlike a typical retail site, we tend to get limited sizes in clothing, shoes, etc. Keep checking back.


any chance of getting more size 10s?


this is kinda stupid because they don’t offer the common sizes. Doesn’t do me any good to look if they don’t offer a size 11.


would like the C-Tech Saddle Golf white in a 9, but the only men’s shoe that has a 9 is the brown/white comfort lite


…just when I thought I found a size 12, I did a double check and noticed it said size 18.

My feet aren’t like Shaq’s so I’ll have to pass this time…


I’m 0 for 3 with golf shoes from woot.

The first pair I ordered disappeared into the ether.

The second pair I ordered, I got a “oops, sorry, we don’t actually have those–but we’ll send you an even better pair by the 29th, we promise!”

That third pair… was never sent out.

Now, I’m not too upset since this is hardly golf season, and I can wait until spring before I need a pair. But come on, amigos! Can a brother get some stylin’ golf shoes or not??

EDIT: And now it looks like they don’t even plan to send out the third pair at all! Not cool, woot. Not cool.


A suggestion to Woot… for sales such as this, where multiple items/sizes are available. Could you please include an option to select a particular size and generate your results based on the selection. That way, your customer doesn’t have to open each particular shoe listing to see if you have a size available. They may only get the “Sold Out Items” in their results after selecting size “11”, but at least they wouldn’t be wasting their time, which ultimately might lead to more sales for you, due to less abandonment. It will also make your customers happier.


Totally throw that over at the beta feedback button! We want to make things easier and a better experience, and this feedback helps!