Callaway Men's Chev Blucher Golf Shoes



GRRRR no shoes in black or white size 13 T_T


Frau Blucher???




i don’t gulf and don’t know anything about it…but love the style of that white one. don’t want to trail caltrop imprints everywhere i walk around the office, though.

would have been nice if the bottom was somehow removable, like snowtreads :3


Query: Does Callaway generally follow accepted US sizing (by this I mean, do they tend to run small or large compared to the accepted average)? Further, I’m guessing it’s unlikely that Woot would go allowing returns if they don’t fit right? Any thoughts are appreciated.


I have a pair of callaway golf shoes and they run pretty true to size. The pair I have are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.


I remember when Woot had good deals.


What are you talking about dude? This is a sick good deal. Look around before you say something stupid like that.


Go to any sale rack at any store at the end of the year and you will find deals that are equally good to this or better (dry joys are far better quality). You are not talking about buying these shoes in the spring before the season starts. These shoes are on sale everywhere…[MOD: Removed the unnecessary personal attack.]


I have a pair of black like this and ran out of the house without my shoes once. (long story, don’t ask) Anyhoo, I had to go to work and just removed the spikes easily. Only I knew that they were golf shoes.

You would definitely be the only guy in the office with a pair of these.


Cat fight !!!

Big Brother removed the follow up post, funny


So, you’re pretty big on the sweeping generalities with nothing to back them up, huh? This is definitely a good deal–it’s $20 cheaper than anywhere else on the web, and this is one of their tour models (meaning they’re high quality). Unless you have giant/elf feet, you’re not going to find any comparable DryJoys for anywhere near this price.


You’re wrong but that’s fine.


Let’s play nice, please. Fine to debate the quality and pricing of golf shoes but please keep it from getting personal.

K? Thx. Bai.


As far as sizing goes, I think they recommend buying half size smaller than your running shoe size. I think golf shoes are supposed to fit snug (but not too tight).


Disagree about the giant feet part, almost always more expensive because they’re not on the rack. Callaway’s tend to run true to size. If Woot! were offering my size (mens US 16) I’d be snagging a pair of these for when I’m on the course with clients rather than with friends. Great deal for the 12’s and 13’s out there (hard to find in golf shoes anywhere but online.)


Yeah, I imagine size 16 feet can be an issue. But my point was that, at the end of the year, the only DryJoys remaining in the clearance bin tend to be very small (< size 9) or very large (size 12+). The fact that Woot is offering these in all sizes makes it a good deal for us average-footed folks, despite what the trolls say.


How is the width of these?


Check out the C-Tech Saddle shoes in white on the Callaway (Men’s Golf Shoes, Not Cab) Woot Plus event for larger sizes including 16.