Callaway Men's Embossed Polo Shirt



Interesting Woot, they didn’t sell out on Woot Plus so they get moved to SportWoot and still have the same size limitations they had on Woot Plus.

EDIT: Even worse, they are still for sale on Woot Plus until 9am. Wow.


Don’t wear the pink one to work.


Bought two last time. Both colors. Pink got a lot of great comps. These shirts are made well, very roomy and comfortable. Priced super low, Wally World can’t even compete with their no name brand. Gotta love Woot!


So is this shirt as baggy as the specs seem to suggest?


Not worth it unless it has an alligator on it.


And what brand is that?

These shirts are nice for the price, but they are very roomy. I tend to like the fit of Puma and UNder Armour for my golf shirts, but if loose is your thing…


This should fix that problem but hurry, only 2 left in stock.





Get me a medium tall or large tall and I’m in.

I hate being slim and tall. I have to get an XL for sleeve and body length, but it looks like I’m wearing a pup-tent.


I hear you… I’m 6’5" and 160lbs. Lots of issues with buying clothes that aren’t extra wide. From what it sounds like, these shirts will be too baggy.


Sad day, I could use a new shirt and the price is right, however they are already out of my size :frowning:


Nice to see someone looking out for the small again-- oh wait.

Yet another deal I have to pass on…


Dude, go eat cheeseburger or something. 6’5’ & 160lbs???


Actually, it’s not. Lacoste is a crocodile. I understood what was implied, but if you’re (not YOU you, obviously) going to be pretentious, you need to do it correctly!


Reasonable price for the brand. However, JC Penny has a clearance sale on St. John’s Bay Polos from $8-$10, various sizes including Big and Tall.


lol why pay 17 for a polo here when the main woot sight has them for 12? communication fail, woot.


Why are they called polo shirts when more people wear them to play golf?


Those are FILA. Different brand, different colors, different fit (maybe)…


how many XXXL did they have? I can never get one of these because they sell out of the XXXL in a matter of seconds