Callaway Men's C-Tech Saddle Shoes



No size 19? I guess it’s a no then.


Seems like a decent deal for anybody with lady feet or mammoth feet.

Normal people need not apply.


That’s how sportwoot has been all night. Either mammoth, or miniscule.


These will be perfect for my golfing buddies! Both Yao Ming and Danny Devito should fit the available sizes perfectly!


Watch out for sizing issues, they sold me a pair of 8-1/2"s, I thought they were going to be the regular size width of “D” and they are the thin size “M”, so if you have a regular sized foot, you had better buy a larger size; they need to put that notation on their sizing M or D, what if you buy these non-returnable shoes and they are a “DDD” not good.


I just noticed that…BUMMER! I need a new pair of Golf Shoes!


They’ve had a ton of them today, so keep an eye out, but like I said, they’re often uncommon sizes.


Seriously? They sold out of 15’s? Woot finally posts my size shoe and they SELL OUT??? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


whats a foxtrot? is that how fox walk? whats the plural of fox?


I’m sorry :frowning: I bought the 15’s for my husband and they went gray right after so I think I got the last ones (only ones?)