Callaway (Men's Golf Shoes, Not Cab)

Women shoes are in the other sale today! What do you think about these?

Does anyone know if any of these shoe sizes are wide? I found several that are size 14 which is what I’m looking for but I need wide and I don’t see that specified anywhere. Thanks,

YAY! Black golf shoes liked I asked… oh wait, NONE IN MY SIZE! :confused:

Edit: went for a half size bigger… hopefully they fit well enough.

Would also appreciate any feedback on these regarding size/fit - are they typically true to size?

From the product description:

XWT - Xtra Width Technology
XWT provides players with the ability to adjust and customize fit. Each individual golfer can adjust his or her individual fit from medium to wide, and adjust the fit between the left and right shoe.

I can’t say I really know what this means, but I thought I’d at least point it out <3

Thanks. I was talking about the Woot Plus shoes though. Like the C-Tech ones.

in for 1 hope they fit well. can’t beat 29 for these shoes.

It would be really nice for future woots where there are multiple shoe styles if we could have a size selector at the beginning, that way we don’t have to click through 30 pairs to shoes just to find out that it either isn’t available in our size or has sold out of our size.

That way if I select a 13, it’ll return only the styles that are currently available. There might be 13s on there somewhere, but after looking at 5 pairs that aren’t in my size, I gave up looking.

This is some solid feedback. I’ll forward that along.

Thank you and I love you.

100% Agree… i just did look through all pairs to realize none in my size…annoying… Still Love woot though.

Like how there’s a Nike golf ball with the callaway golf shoe picture.