Callaway Odyssey White Ice Putter, RH/LH

Product Page has more info, pics, and reviews


Two great reviews on the #1 putter over at

Where’s the White Ice 2-Ball Blade? Curses! I would have already clicked the stupidly huge yellow button…

Ditto. Im kicking myself for not getting that putter last time and Ive been checking back for it daily.

Did I miss something? Limit 4 per customer?

(Not 1… Not 2… Not 3…) (Go Spurs!)

What? No putter cover included? :frowning:

Is there a cover included?

Anyone have shipping issues? Still waiting for mine to ship. Usually Woot is on the ball. Just hoping this deal wasn’t too good to be true

it can take up to five business days for orders to process and ship. looks like this deal was on thursday, and it’s monday now. so, i’d say it’s a bit early to fret. however, you can always email if you are concerned about the status of your order.

Apparently they can’t send the correct version you ordered even if it does come on time.

are you indicating you got the wrong order? if so, please email so we can address the problem. i’m sorry for any inconvenience.

I have ordered several things over the years from Woot! but this was ridiculous service.

I ordered the LH #1 White Ice Putter in the 35" length. I got the #4 RH. Being a gift for my son, it was not opened and noticed for a couple of weeks. When we noticed and contacted support - they said the putter we wanted was no longer in stock and that they would send a refund certificate.

Two weeks later we got a #1 LH putter shipped to us unexpectedly. Opening it we found it to be a 33" putter, which looked really funny in watching my 6’3" son try it out.

When I saw the item on sale again, I contacted Woot! to ask if we could actually get the correct product shipped to us since they are advertising them to be in stock… only to have them tell be to buy another one and they will refund the older order when they get it back.

I went back to look and have ordered over 40 items on Woot! dated back to 2008. But this was really poor customer service and might have spoiled my whole experience/history.