Callaway RAZR X Black Driver (460cc)

Just paid $250 for this at Golfsmith.

The pictures do this club no justice. It’s aesthetically pleasing and a monster on the course. It seems to be pretty forgiving.

The sound is a bit tinny but otherwise a pleasure to hit. For the price, this is a great deal.

EDIT: Keep in mind, the 9.5 degree club head is 1 degree open.

I just started using this driver a few weeks ago and LOVE IT! It looks, sounds, and feels awesome. It’s very forgiving and still give you workability on shaping shots. Go for it.

Amazon has it for $199 so this seems like a good deal.

Thought I’d give it a try at this price… I’d seen a lot of positive comments in general for this series and was considering getting a 9.5 rather than the 10.5 I have now (Big Bertha almost 6 years old) I’m a lefty so I was happy to see it there and I was also thinking of changing to a stiff shaft and it just so happens the lefty only had that option so it made the choice easy… Looking forward to playing with it in a couple of weeks!

If you are trying to determine shaft stiffness, here are some generalities
quick tempo = stiff
Fluid tempo reg
7 iron length on avg < 150 yd= reg
7 iron length on avg > 150 yd = stiff
7 iron length on avg < 135 = senior or A flex
Loft for Reg flex 10.5 or higher
Loft on stiff flex10.5 of lower
Loft on senior or A flex 12 or higher
Most women would benefit for a 12 or higher.
Very athletic, better gollfer and taller women over 5’ 8" could use the 10.5.
An open club face will promote a fade or slice, a closed club face will a slight draw to no no effect.
A majority of golfers are using too low of loft, too heavy and too stiff of a shaft.

This club is so clean looking. The fairway woods are just as nice and are even more forgiving.

Nice post. I have never been fitted for clubs. I average right at 150 with 7 iron and have a pretty fluid swing. I have always played regular shaft but have debated on going stiff. Any suggestions?

A stiff shaft will give you more accuracy however, a regular shaft will allow more distance. If you have a swing speed of under 95-mph [average drive about 250-yds or less] you probably need a regular shaft. A stiff shaft does what it is, it ‘lags’ behind your hands on the downswing much less than a regular shaft. Pros like Bubba and J.Daley have an extra-stiff shaft. Senior pros have a stiff or regular shaft.

I’m 33 years old and preparing for the senior tour… how much do those guys make?

I was hoping WOOT would have remember women like to play sports too. Almost everything they offer is for men only and even their poll questions are mostly men oriented. I play golf and need new clubs too. I am still playing with a set from the 80’s. I keep waiting!

Anyone have experience. Trying to decide between the Razr X and the Diablo Octane. Pro’s/Con’s anyone?

$149.99 here.

Totally making sure this gets passed on. :slight_smile:

If you can “shape” shots with a driver you should be on the tour.

Yeah pass it on to the powers that be, that decide that flip flops or a hammock belong on sport.woot.

I thought the section for women was “home woot.”

Almost anyone under 15 handicap should be able to shape drives. Left to right, right to left, very simple to achieve and not something that only tour players can do.

“Passed on” - as in, “no thanks, I’m passing on that deal” or as in “I will pass along this great idea”?

As in I mailed the people who need to see that feedback and said, “Please read this feedback.” :slight_smile: