Callaway RAZR X Black Driver (460cc)

I just bought this driver a couple weeks ago at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $169. I’ve been really really pleased with it. It’s been rather forgiving even when I don’t hit the “sweet spot.”

One issue I had was a small amount of paint chipped on a hit near the top of the face. But I contacted Callaway about it and they were very easy to work with in getting it replaced under warranty.

Long time WOOT-er, first time commenter.

I’m excited to see golf equipment on woot sports, but I’m waiting on a specific driver.

Same, new to golf this month and needing a set of irons. Come on woot!

Which one?

The Ping G15. My boss is an avid golfer and he recommended it to me. I am open to other suggestions.

In for fore drivers.

Only in Regular shaft?!? Where’s the Stiff shaft for the big hitters? (ok, no jokes!!)

I personally don’t have any but I can be sure to pass this product suggestion on! :slight_smile:

Here’s the only suggestion you need… Don’t take anyone’s suggestion on a driver without hitting it for yourself and making sure it fits your swing. What works for one guy doesn’t necessarily work for another. My buddy has a Callaway that he loves. I have an R11 that I love. I hate his Callaway, and he hates my R11. Go to a store and test out a bunch of drivers to see what works for your swing.

I’ll definitely do that. That said, I am just getting started so I really don’t have a consistent swing yet. I’m still trying to figure out what works.

use code WEB233SAL

After coupon Driver will be $149.99 with free shipping.

No leftie?

Us lefties always get the shaft.

Whoops. Sorry about that last blank post.
I have regretted all summer not purchasing the set of clubs on woot at the beginning of the summer. Adams I believe…
I have subscribed and check everyday for them but to no avail.
I will pounce on them next time around. Thanks for considering!