Callaway uPro Golf GPS

Can you use this to find your balls?

product website: here

Guys! It is winter in many states! Happy golfing dudes!
Is like somebody trying to sell a winter coat in summer time!


Amazon: $165 + $4.94 shipping new

Edit: 99 reviews, 3+ stars.

There’s a (1-time) charge for each course for “Pro mode” which includes a bunch of cool features. How much? I looked on the website but it’s hard to find or hidden behind login.

Obviously, you’re not a golfer.

Looks like 170+ shipping on other sites.

Oh… whoever the buyer is, I hope you got these for 2 cents on the dollar, so you can keep your job. :wink:

Product Manual

Froogling without:

and with “Callaway”"+uPro+Golf+GPS"+Callaway&hl=en&tbs=shop%3A1&aq=f in search terms.

Sliding scale - 1 course = $10, 10 courses = $60, etc

Fairly thorough review from PCMAG:

If this was offered prior to the summer, I’d easily be in. Since I now have my Droid X, I now use Sky Droid to GPS my golf courses.

I actualy thought that was what it was for…

I say tee this device off and see how far it goes… won’t be purchasing.

I have an older skycaddie SG1 and was going to trade that up for an SG3. The skycaddie requires an annual membership that allows me access to over 20,000 courses… Truth of the matter is, I only play a half dozen courses on a regular basis, and even then, only 4-5 months out of the year. Paying a one-time per course fee makes much more sense to me…

Amazon had overall ‘decent’ reviews of this, and for $99 I’m willing to give it a go.

Here’s my early birthday present to myself…

Happy Holidays everyone!

A primer for any sedentary Wooters who don’t know what this is for:


BUT… One free course download in Pro mode with this purchase… Download your home course for free in Pro, and use Basic (all free) for the other courses you play.

Golfsmith: $199.99 with 67 reviews/4.1 stars

Another review June 2009:

Edit: more recent review no earlier than late summer 2010, and more detailed.

Edit: 4th review place