Callaway uPro Golf GPS

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Callaway uPro Golf GPS
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Golf courses give you a map of the course and there are fairway, and pin markers on the flags…

Yes! A GPS to tell me exactly how far I hit my ball into the woods +/- 1 yard. In for 3!

someone must need this!!

you obviously dont golf much

Got one of these from a previous woot. Very cool!

in for…FORE!!!

who REALLY needs this? if you’re good enough at golf to be that accurate, you’ve played enough to know how to read a course

Great. All the golfers are out on the course already.


I can’t find it on Amazon - the new model comes out on the 13th … Best Buy 3.8 stars …

Wow this has been a terribly exciting morning.

If you golf, get yourself a golf GPS. I have a really nice one and it is so handy to have around to tell you how far until the pin.

Woot has been wild this morning. It’s like a after thanksgiving day sale. Snag, grab, and push your way to the check out. Wow it has been fun. :slight_smile:

Why, because you know I am right? I play 20-30 courses a year. You do know Golf is played with the white balls and not the furry yellow ones?

It’s trying to turn real life into tiger woods. Now they just need to make a device to impart spin on balls in midair

so you should know if you arent exactly around one of the two stakes they have in the ground its nice to know how far you are from certain hazards and the pin location, some courses lack appropriate yardage markers as well.

Honestly…you don’t know anything… Good golfers can get there shots within a yard or so of their targets… if they know the accurate distance they can decide their proper club loft angle and by simply reprating a good swing have the ball fly an expected distance. GPS makes the distance to the front middle and back of a green accessible with the touch of a touch screen… You might want to play more often… like 150 X a year, like golfers with GPS can…stop drinking so much when you play, and it won’t all seem the same to you!!!