Callaway Women's Golf Shoes

Time to hike across the green and try to look stylish at the same time. Anyone know how these run on fit? True to size, small, large?

I was wondering the same thing. I am finally losing the weight after baby and cannot “wait” until the next time I get to go out on the course and whack some balls around. Twenty years I’ve been golfing (child prodigy at one point) and I’ve never been able to find the most comfortable golfing shoes yet.

Standby. I’ll check into it.

I went to Callaway’s website and found these reviews for the Hyperbolic shoes.

The only thing I could find was that they all thought they were durable and comfortable.

1/3 of the reviews mentioned a “Roomy Toebox”.

I’d just like to state for the record how happy I am to see women’s golf stuff on Woot, and I would love to see more! No more shoes in my size though. :frowning:

Bring on the bags, skorts, accessories and umbrellas!

I can’t wait for ladies’ golf shoes that aren’t “fashionably” weird shaped or pink! Seriously, tell me those blue shoes won’t be full of grass by the time you’re done with 18.

What if I purchased these shoes and they don’t fit properly? Is there a way to return them or would I be stuck with them?

My girlfriend is going to crazy when these come in the mail.


Condi’s going to look sharp in these when she becomes the first woman to tee off at Augusta. Yea Augusta. Finally.