We must avenge our locked threads. I’ll send troops to immediately start gnawing on the server power supply. I need backup - Does anyone have a box of old cheetos, a bicycle pump with a leak, and an old cassette of 2 live crew’s “As nasty as they want to be” (the un-censored version) ?

If so, meet me out front by the woot staffs parking lot at midnight… Wear a red hat and whistle the tune from the “King of the Hill” cartoon so I know it’s you…


I have two dwaft hamsters who have nothing to do tonight…can I bring them?


Are they bloodthirsty or obsessed with pyromania?


I captured a pack of squirrels in Russia who killed dogs.


Beware the lemmings!


wellll…no…I just thought they would enjoy a night out…


I have enlisted the services of a half dozen FARC-EP trained capybara mercenaries, if you need any heavy work done.
I also have a box of oatmeal, a rusted leaf spring from a '72 F-150, and a Jenga set that’s missing 5 pieces.
“Iacta Alea Est” - Julius Caesar


want me to dump the first one for ya?


I have three goldfish wintering over in the basement. The cat’s been keeping them on their…fins. Anything they can do to help?


the mad irish boys have blood-lust tonite…they killed the stupid male ringneck pheasant that has been hanging around…guess it was better that they did it quickly than have it freeze to death this winter


I was gonna offer my chupacabra, but it would probably be too distracted with those guys around, so I’d better leave it in its cages.


You can do that? Yes please.




Since the forum’s working all right now, does that mean DM’s pulling back the troops? Shall I tell the goldfish to stand down?


Well, the threads aren’t unlocked so I don’t see him backing down.
Have also dispatched 15 chipmunks with bazookas, 8 muskrats armed with BAR’s, and 4 martens specially outfitted with titanium teeth for that tough gnawing.
Additionally have a 12v Minn-Kota electric outboard, a turn signal light from an '87 Peterbilt, and some leftover Triscuits.


See - Now that’s what I call Chaos!

Hmmmm… Has a nice ring…

Perhaps I shall have a new battle cry…


(3 points and some lemmingade if the movie gets quoted quickly)


Toss out one more piece and then salt the rest - It’ll work perfectly with leaking pump…


If they are both female, dress them and send them to my lair.


Careful, these could be some hamster Mata-haris to distract you from the goal…


I am getting access to my mass arsenal as we speak…