Calorie Burning

Ooh it shoulda been celery not carrot, cuz celery has negative calories… everyone knows that! Tsk tsk

Rabbit food gone Rambo

More cupcakes? I sense another sellout shirt.

So if they burn off enough calories, will they be healthy to eat? :slight_smile:

congrats to artist

This shirt raises a lot of questions, but the foremost in my mind is this:

Where can I get a tiny flamethrower?

Let’s all run from the lobby! Let’s all run from the lobby! Let’s all run from the lobby, before we’re crispy snacks!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, NOT carrots.

tsk What a waste of some yummy treats. I may have to boycott carrots because of this shirt. :wink:

So, if I eat a carrot with a flamethrower tomorrow, it’ll get rid of the pint of Dove Chocolate ice cream I want to indulge in… right?

Congrats, Wences, on another cupcake gracing the reckoning list :wink:

If I eat the carrot, will there be more yummy snacks for me?

Why they don’t call it survival of the fattest…congrats!

Actually, seeing as this is a food related shirt and the Calorie is capitalized, the condition should be 4184 Joules. Oh, and great shirt, Walmazan!

I always knew vegetarians weren’t the pacifists they appear to be.

LOL, just realized that because of chocolate chip placement, the cookie almost has two faces. The one it’s supposed to have yelling…and a sad/angry face on the right. And now that I’ve seen the other one…I can’t “unsee” it!

Yikes! That is one angry carrot and one really disturbing write-up. Perhaps the author has been on a diet a little too long?

I find the bio a bit disturbing…is Woot endorsing cannibalism now?

Extra! Extra!

Militant vegetable engenders sympathy for junk food!

Congrats on a super shirt!