Calstar Cellars Zinfandel (4)

Calstar Cellars El Dorado County Zinfandel 4-Pack
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2008 Alta Zinfandel, El Dorado County
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Although I haven’t had the privilege of tasting this zin. I haven’t had a Calstar I didn’t like. I must have the same preferred style as the winemaker.
Smooth, classic with interesting and sometimes surprising undertones.
Nothing screechy.
The 2010 Sauvignon Blanc was a fav.

Going to have to give this zin some serious consideration ! sounds yummy.

Bought a two pack of the 07 a few months ago from another site. It was excellent. If the 08 follows, this would be a good purchase. Might have to find room in my already stuffed wine storage…

Thanks guys, checking in as owner/winemaker for this winery. As I said in my post this wine is made in a more age able style. It is dry unlike a lot of other zins out there, and also made using about 30% new oak to frame the bright fruit and moderate tannins. Just had a bottle last night with thin crust pizza and I honestly couldn’t have thought of a better match for the food.

Good to have Calstar here again. Winemaker Rick Davis poured this at our “HalloWoot” tasting, along with his Londer Pinot Noir and Sangiacomo Chardonnay.

My brief notes:

Needs a little time to open up…

Plummy nose with spicy notes and a little tealeaf. On the palate- Dark berries, pomegranate and cranberry with a subtle note of baking spice. Nice finish & Nice acidity.

Overall statement- this zin is juicy not jammy, which works for me. (I tend to shy away from most of the big/jammy/in-your-face Zins.) This one’s restraint allows other flavors to come through.

Edit: Welcome Rick!

When you say, it needs some time to open up, do you mean, decanting it and letting it breathe for a while? Or do you mean aging it? Pls forgive the n00b question.

Decanting and allowing to breathe. When I first opened it; it was closed up and needed 15 minutes (not long) to show me what it had.

That said, I think it could age some (I wouldn’t say that for all Zins). Perhaps Rick can comment on age-ability…

The numbers look good, alc. is high but seems common for zin from the Sierra foothills.

I agree with the previous poster who said that the Calstar Sauvignon Blanc was a favorite, as this is one of my favorite examples of SB as well! Very excited to see Calstar here, and hopeful that this means we will see some of your white wines here in the future…

I find that it just need a few minutes in the glass. It will age for at least 2 years at this time.

I think you’ll find the alc in balance with the rest of the wine. I am trying to make wines that pair well with food. though they can be enjoyed on their own.

Thanks on the SB comment the 2011 is from the same vineyard. As to whites, the 2009 Sangiacomo CH will be up sometime soon.

Sangiacomo CH?
as in Cameron Hughes…?

Huh? Calstar Cellars 2009 Sangiacomo Chardonnay.

CH = Chard. got it.

I thought this was the same one! Was just going to check my notes when I saw this.

This is my kind of Zin. Restrained, well structured, solid acid backbone. It definitely needed time to open up at the tasting, but my notes indicate that I liked where it was going. And then it was gone so no further tastes after it’d been open for an hour or so.

If I was buying wine I’d buy this. If your preferred style of Zin is Scott Harvey’s Reserve or Vineyard 1869 you’ll like this. Ditto for Wellington’s Estate Zins, but this is a little less fruity iirc.


what’s been holding me back — the weather. It’s been in the 20’s here. Up into the 30’s today. woo hoo. a heat wave.
ok the question:
Wondering how these ship in this type of weather ??

Considering they’re in the truck almost all of the time, and the truck isn’t that cold since the driver is in the truck, I wouldn’t worry.