Calvin Klein C.K. One 2-Piece Gift Set

I stayed up for this?

Best Woot Off Ever!

Do us all a favor and stay off the elevator if you get this.

I always thought CK1 smelled like Fruit Loops…not that that’s a bad thing…I guess.

Especially that guy who got 3

These will last longer than actual McNuggets. And that’s saying something.

Hope they only have like 20 of these otherwise it could be a while until the next item comes up.

Go Utah!

Really Woot? Is it 1995? I wore this crap in highschool. might as well sell some Axe too while your at it.

I think they raided some old bankrupt department store.

lol, so many haters. I’ve never worn this so I asked a female coworker what she thinks. She said she likes it.

Listen to a buncha’ wooters or a cute girl at work… hrmmmmm.

quit ragging on the buyers and encourage more so that we can move on. Strategy people…strategy.

Up next - a two pack of Hai Karate
and English Leather