Calypso Weapon



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?


Congrats radiomode! I love the design. In for at least one.


Darn. I was really hoping the Crouching Tiger entry would place. Oh well, this one’s not bad.


Grats Radiomode on yet another print.


Darn it, was really hoping for a miracle. Oh well, no purchases for me this derby. I just don’t like the colors, the design is cool though.


I was really hoping for the crouching tiger…

But whatevs.


i don’t get what happened with the placement here


Nice design.
Just not for me.


i just bought one :slight_smile:
wish the graphi was on the side tho but whatever




First shirt woot! First time the shirt I voted for won! Already purchased one. Thanks for the awesome design, radiomode.

God, I want to be on that swing… Porsche of mattresses!


What movie is this supposed to be?


yeah, bummer, I was hoping for crouching tiger; or a tie would’ve been awesome! oh well…

Congrats on the print!


Why does the design have to be in the middle! D:


Apocalypse now.


If it was the side placement, I’d buy it.

Guess we never really knew what we were voting for. Way to go, woot.


Apocalypse Now


I have two dogs.

Daily, they leave in my backyard more creative piles than woot t-shirts presents in their “derby winner” droppings.

The upside is I don’t have to pay ten bucks.

The down side I’m sure that the stench of actually receiving a "derby winner’ is worse than the scent of dog crap in a hot summer sun.

There’s a reason why your shirts don’t sell out. Fire the twit that thinks that thinks the shirts can actually sell,


Great shirt. The colors work very well together. Didn’t have to think about it.