Camas Naturals Hand Sanitizer (16oz 4-Pack)

Camas Naturals Hand Sanitizer (16oz 4-Pack)

Hi, I am trying to look up this company and I found a FB page, but little more. It looks like this is not the CBD version of the hand sanitizer. I am wondering why there is hydrogen peroxide added? Also wondering about the zinc oxide?
Thank you

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The hydrogen peroxide helps as an additional but different style of disinfectant; it destroys essential parts of the cell. The zinc oxide can likewise disrupt the cell membrane.


So is the unscented any thicker than plain alcohol?

Nope, no thicker. :slight_smile:

It’s probably kinda thicker, no? Do you have a viscometer handy?

I have a bottle of this in front of me, and it doesn’t seem any thicker than alcohol at all. 100% liquid. Sadly no viscometer handy though, so I can’t say definitively!


I am hoping that the unscented is like the Smart San ( Which is liquid but gentle and mild - although they don’t put H2O2 in theirs. It does not leave residue like many gels. It works really well to put it into small spray bottles and carry in the car or purse.

How’s it smell, 80% sounds like it may just reek of alcohol