Camas Naturals Hand Sanitizer (16oz 4-Pack)

Camas Naturals Hand Sanitizer (16oz 4-Pack)

Hi, I am trying to look up this company and I found a FB page, but little more. It looks like this is not the CBD version of the hand sanitizer. I am wondering why there is hydrogen peroxide added? Also wondering about the zinc oxide?
Thank you

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The hydrogen peroxide helps as an additional but different style of disinfectant; it destroys essential parts of the cell. The zinc oxide can likewise disrupt the cell membrane.


So is the unscented any thicker than plain alcohol?

Nope, no thicker. :slight_smile:


It’s probably kinda thicker, no? Do you have a viscometer handy?

I have a bottle of this in front of me, and it doesn’t seem any thicker than alcohol at all. 100% liquid. Sadly no viscometer handy though, so I can’t say definitively!


I am hoping that the unscented is like the Smart San ( Which is liquid but gentle and mild - although they don’t put H2O2 in theirs. It does not leave residue like many gels. It works really well to put it into small spray bottles and carry in the car or purse.

How’s it smell, 80% sounds like it may just reek of alcohol

Yeah, he says it smells a bit.

We submitted the CBD version to the FDA for approval and they said they would review it but with the craziness that is Covid-19 they told us 60 days before they will review it.

Peroxide is a good additive to kill bacteria. It literally melts the “skin” of the micro-organisms. It is mandated by the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization and FDA.

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Unscented is very viscous. It is best used to clean hands and hard surfaces -for example I put some on my credit card after making grocery purchases.

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it is actually more viscous than water. It has 70% the molecular weight of water (meaning it is very viscous). The liquid is 1000% compliant per the FDA, CDC and WHO for recommended ingredients to combat the Covid-19 Virus.

Smart San is great, it’s often used in Beer Brewing as it’s a food grade. We are required to denature our alcohol (isopropyl, Peroxide) so that people don’t drink it. Our formulation is registered with the FDA and meets the guidelines of the governing bodies to fight Covid-19.

I don’t know if Star San has that same certification; whereas I don’t know regarding Star San. You also have to be very careful to follow the directions to insure you dilute it properly, but it is a good recommendation.

Alcohol-ish. The Gel doesn’t smell as much because of the lavender.

I went unscented, I want to feel like I’m back in the lab cleaning surfaces with straight ethanol

is the gel sticky?

Can we pinpoint a shipping date window? Earlier than advertised would be good… :slight_smile:

I ordered the lavender gel style on May 13th and received it today May 29th. It has a manufacturing date of 4/20/20.

It’s a thick gel. A little on the lumpy side coming out of the bottle. I put a lot on my hand so you could get an idea of the thickness. That ended up being more than double what would be needed to cleanse my hands.

I thought it smelled fresh with notes of alcohol and lavender. It’s not sticky. There is no residue left behind. As the label says, “it will leave hands feeling refreshed and moisturized.” I agree that’s an accurate description.


What you use in the privacy of your own home to pleasure yourself with is is one’s own thing. LOL Kidding I got my 12 bottles yesterday and since I’m a USPS mail carrier(as is my spouse) I’ve been going through this stuff fast and furiously. This new stuff at least actually makes my hands feel softer with the aloe in it. It smells like lavender alcohol, and has a viscous initial feel, but it is better then the stuff I’ve been getting at work for free, and is priced very fairly. From someone who has been using this stuff for 2 months to work in this one is the least offensive I’ve ran across and I recommend it. Yet others may who haven’t been used to having to use this stuff may find it off putting. By the way I bought the gel and it came very well packaged which surprised me.