Camas Naturals Hand Sanitizer (16oz 4-Pack)

Camas Naturals Hand Sanitizer (16oz 4-Pack)

Why on earth Woot! starts a new forum topic for the SAME product with every relisting, is beyond me. All the comments for the product previously posted don’t show up here so unless you’re savvy enough to go to the forums and search for the product to read previous comments, they are lost. Anyway, my last post in in this topic: Camas Naturals Hand Sanitizer (16oz 4-Pack)

This product is garbage. I’d call it CRAP, but that word has an entirely different connotation here on Woot!. The “lavender gel” version with “70% alcohol” is, well, a gel, and that’s where the description ends. Not enough alcohol in this to start a fire in dryer lint. Rub your hands together after applying it, and after whatever alcohol and deionized water is in it evaporates, you’re left with sticky residue that requires you to, yup, wash your hands to remove. How sticky? Sticky enough to press your flat hand against an unopened piece of mail and have it stick well enough to wave it around. Seems like it’s mostly aloe gel, since that’s a similar experience sometimes.
Stay away from this garbage. Better off making your own.

I use the lavender one all the time. If you are getting sticky hands, you are using too much. The percentage of alcohol meets CDC guidelines, which is 60% for ethyl alcohol.


I work in the largest hospital systems in Central/Western Massachusetts; in addition to being incredibly proud of how we have worked through this monstrous mess (like building out, in 8 days, a 250-bed temporary hospital on the floor of the DCU Center in Worcester), we also have ANNUAL required training on infection control; I think I know how much hand sanitizer to use. So take that BS someplace else.

The label states 70%. It won’t even show a low blue flame when a lighter is set to a pool of it. Maybe yours is better, maybe not. But if it is, their QC is out to lunch.

Mine holds a large flame.

I like this stuff. I don’t get a residue after use.

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Works great… No sticky hands… Just soft!!.. And yes a pretty blueflame… So these comments are false!!

Yup…I got the lavender version of these and use them regularly.

It does say it’s a moisturizer, so my hands do feel a little less dry, but considering the alcohol is drying them out, that’s probably a good thing.

I also did the flame test and yes, it makes a nice blue flame as you’d expect.