Camas Naturals Hand Sanitizer (16oz 4-Pack)

Camas Naturals Hand Sanitizer (16oz 4-Pack)

I don’t recommend this product. Sticky feel and does not smell good.

Beware of buying off brands containing Methyl alcohol.

This is Paul the Manufacturer. I’m sorry you have a sticky feel cgrizz - we haven’t received this feedback.

Our product is made in our factory in Vancouver WA, NO WAY do we have Methanol. Matter of fact, as a cancer patient, we view this as an essential product. We are a family run operation and view it’s our moral obligation to our customers to produce as clean and pure a product as possible.
ALL of our ingredients are made in USA. Our bottles are made in Canada, no parts or components are from Mexico or Asia.

Our product is made from USA corn, in an FDA certified FDA factory to distill the corn. We do the rest at our factory. . . just outside Portland, OR.

We do not import ingredients like the 85+ vendors who saturated the market with mislabeled product which contained methanol.

We’ve been on Woot! since the beginning of the Covid outbreak and have been providing products to people all across the USA.


I bought the gel a few months ago and just opened the bottles. The sanitizer was like gelatin and refused to come out of the bottles. I had to dig around like a proctologist and finally got it all out. Then blended it and put it back in the bottles. Now I wonder if it will solidify again. Kind of a nightmare.

Bought the Lavender gel in May, and have no major complaints, though the consistency is more liquid than gel (I put it in a smaller pump bottle and small pocket-sized container, and it squirts rather than oozes out). It is a bit stickier than other brands I’ve bought, though the stickiness (and virtually all of the scent) evaporates once it dries in a minute or two.

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Listen… This stuff is great!! All you got to do is shake it… And rub your hands together… Omg… You ppl complaining don’t know how good this is… Go ahead and buy from. Mexico… This is the stuff… Yea it’s strong at first… But after silky smooth skin!! And it’s the good alcohol… Like the one comment said… That’s not true… wow… You just got to rub!!

Paul… Keep up the good work… This stuff works!! I think ppl don’t know what they are talking about!!.. I just ordered more… Thank you

@cgrizz I wouldn’t expect an unscented hand sanitizer to smell “good”. It’s literally alcohol and peroxide. I have the lavender scented one and it’s quite nice.

I bought the lavender gel about 6 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier with it. It has a light, but delightful aroma. It doesn’t sting when rubbed on my hands, despite the fact that I have scrubbed them many times a day with soap and water for months now. It’s just the right consistency to glide on smoothly and rapidly. I’m very pleased with this product and will order it again.

A friend of mine in VA said she seen an ad online months ago for hh processors nedding salespeople, and she told me Camas is made by them for IGC Inc, and that IGC owns Evolve Wellness and make CBD for them too. She said you work for IGC and everybody from the Navy to Chevron, Rite Aid, and Walmart buys Camas—dude, that’s the kind of stuff that should convince anybody to buy your stuff! Works for me, thanks!