Cambridge & Sunset The Clippings Blend (6)

Cambridge & Sunset “The Clippings” White Wine Blend 6-Pack
$54.99 $101.94 46% off List Price
2013 Cambridge & Sunset “The Clippings” White Blend, California
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Sorry, but these things matter to some of us. Appreciate any input from “one who knows”…thanking you in advance!!!

Note: CT link is not working. Thanks

Fixed now, he just had an extra “a” at the start of the URL.

Now this may be a very nice wine, but I am curious as to why this is a “Best of Woot”?

The best of weekend filler offers.
I was disappointed too…

Maybe it had a high sales rank?

or minimally a high profit factor for the bean counters.

I find that statement offensive :slight_smile:

How many beans may have today papa?

No soup for you! :wink:

You should know; how does that saying go,
takes one to …

ck email

I’m interested in this offer… but out of All These Comments, not a single bit of info about This Wine??? Geez!

There’s a wine offer? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry…but the it looks like the bean counters are happy!

Really disappointing when the winery shows no interest in answering questions. I posted my interest shortly after midnight. Nada…this wine will not be taking up space in my wine cooler. Thanks to those wineries who take an active part when showcasing their grapes on Woot!!!

The parent company that sells this wine and many others woot has had over the last year has never participated…

Best of Non-Participating?