Cambridge Pinot Noir (4)

Cambridge Pinot Noir 4-Pack
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2013 Cambridge Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
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Wow, is this the first 2013 red wine we’ve seen on Woot? It just seems too soon for that! :grinning:

Certainly hope to see some tasting notes.

Some additional specs would be nice, also cooperage and vineyard sources. please.

So… a couple of months ago the monkey dropped off a bottle of this for ratting. At least, I think he did. I know we got a bottle of Cambridge PN. Unfortunately we are out of town for the week, and my notes are back home so I can’t be sure. And since there haven’t been any other Cambridge PN offerings since then, I’m guessing that what we got must have been the 2013.

And since that was two months ago and I don’t have my notes, I can only offer some general recollections.

I do recall that it was a pleasant - but not outstanding - PN. No obvious defects and a fine offering. Just nothing that made it particularly memorable. We drink a fair amount of Willametter Valley PN, and the Russian River pedigree was evident.

Perhaps a point of reference. For the last several months I had been on the lookout for a PN to ship to DD for our family Christmas get together this week. We got a chance to rat the 2010 vintage in the La Solena PN vertical that was offered about a month ago. We jumped on that and said that was our was our Christmas PN offering. That was after ratting the Cambridge, and I did make the decision to pass on the Cambridge as our family PN.

So I would say this is a solid but unremarkable PN. IMHO - probably competitively priced as a sturdy PN at about $15 - $20. But I didn’t pick up anything to prompt me to pay more.

Can you give a bit more info about the clear distinction between the RRV/Willamette “pedigrees” you’re discussing?

I’ve mentioned this before on these forums, but I find that pinot in the $15-$25 price range comes with an enormous variance in quality. This variation isn’t as evident (at least not to me) in Cab/Syrah/etc. in a similar price range. I have really struggled to come up with typicalities for pinot AVAs (but, admittedly, SWMBO and I don’t drink a ton of pinot) that allows me to come up with an educated guess of whether I will/may like a certain bottle of pinot.

Who are those men the wine bottles are drinking?

I’ve generally found that California PNs have more dark fruit profile than the Oregon PNs.

That would be consistent with the different weather conditions - typically grapes in California are a bit riper at harvest than in Oregon, all other things being equal. Oregon tends more to ‘brighter’ fruit flavors than ‘riper’ fruit flavors. Not hard and fast rules, but tendencies.

I agree. I think of Willamette Valley as being like an alto sax with California PN like a tenor sax.

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Thanks and back to the wineing.