Cambridge & Sunset Zinfandel (6)

Cambridge & Sunset Zinfandel 6-Pack
Sold by: AW Direct, LLC
$54.99 $101.94 46% off List Price
2013 Cambridge & Sunset Zinfandel

Again nothing from WineSmith…no reason to stay up now, headed to bed.

I mean after I finish my glass of Victory, can still count on Peter, for now anyway.

While this is a rather uninteresting Sunday offer, (they usually are!) there are some very nice cabs and others on the plus side. Go chat about those!

Uninteresting? No, ZINteresting! :tongue:

You’re up early on a Sunday…

I have a 3 year old who wakes up hungry at about 5:30 every morning. I used to always stay up for rollover now I join the east coasters in the early comments. Not really the way I want it but…

Kind of figured it was kid related. I don’t know how I was with feeding as a tot but I do remember waking my parents up at 7am Saturday mornings to watch Tom & Jerry in their room. I’m sure they loved it.

I would be sooo happy with a 7am wake up.

In other news, I like how Cesare doesn’t even provide a CT link to these aw direct wines any more.

Is this interesting at all? I have a $5 coupon to burn…

Seems to be selling well.

I’ve noticed that the sub $10 wines, Halloween wines and most Chardonnays pretty much sell themselves.