Cambridge & Sunset

Cab looks interesting, vivino has it from $11 to $25
wine searcher has it at $13, any rats out there? c/b a very good daily wine.
this on Front Porch Wine Tasting really confused me “Cambridge & Sunset 2010 Chardonnay $5.99 and 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon $3.99 were both a big hit on the Front Porch” $3.99 ??? huh? is that for a glass or bottle?
I need to stay off the internet.

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The other 4 wines are new.

Hey, Woot! The balls in your court! Dunno why you don’t want to play ball – that is, SELL wine – to us in Massachusetts. S’up? Massachusetts has changed its laws. You can sell wine to us BUT you’ve gotta do some paperwork just like you did w/ other states that you sell and ship wine to. C’mon, woot, wake up. You are losing wine sales!

Woot doesn’t have to do the paperwork, the individual wineries do.