Cameesa changed rules...

If you have previously supported any designs on Cameesa, they have changed their support system, such that a single support vote of $20 refundable dollars can be applied to many different designs at the same time. Cool! however, they pulled all the votes for any pre-existing designs back to 0 to restart the service. So if you had supported a design, you need to go back and vote again…

Especially if it’s someone you know :wink:

Thanks from all Cameesa Artists that also submit to Woot.


I got the email this morning, but didn’t really follow what they were talking about. then I forgot to go back and check.

I still don’t understand how one applies the $20 to multiple designs.

I haven’t figured out that either, but it is something that would speed up designs. I’ll probably see how things go in the next week.

Also attempting to submit the fake lunar landing to teefury… who knows.

Posting this again here, so that you will see it:

Secret Santa IS back!

Crap. Missed it…