Camelbak 100oz Trinity Women’s Hydration System

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Best product description ever. I really wish Kate would just die already. Though I wasn’t particularly sad to see Sayid go. I felt he’d kind of outstayed his welcome almost as much as Kate has. Those other two who went, though…oh, man. Tears were shed. Tears that likely caused dehydration that I’m sure this nifty Camelbak would remedy. You know, if I wasn’t a guy and all.

We used Cammelbacks (not this model) during BCT/AIT at Fort Benning, awesome product and they work great.

Wow, this is an awesome deal. Makes me wish I didn’t already have a women’s-style hydration pack. These are on sale at the for $74.93 (original price $110), so this woot! price is awesome! I love my Camelbak pack, but it’s a slightly different model. They do a great job of making female-friendly, and the water holding and drinking is superior to other brands. I’d appraise this as a great deal, fellow wooters!

2010 Trinity pack at Camelback

This is the 2009 model, hence the sale price. Great buy for an awesome brand though!

Dear moderator, thank you for making my late-night, can’t type English correctly review a quality post! Really guys, this is a super-comfy, female-friendly pack (think, sternum strap and torso length), that’s what I wanted to say :slight_smile:

I’ve never understood the hydration pack concept. You’re going to suck on this tube will get full of hard to clean bacteria, let the bladder sit around the house and get moldy, etc. I just use a half liter bottled-water bottle or sport bottle to drink from, and refill it from a 2 liter coke bottle as needed. I don’t mind stopping once in a while for that purpose.

Women’s Hydration System? I’m definitely not a woman. Will this Camelbak refuse to dispense its liquid contents to me if I have a Y chromosome?

I’m going to be doing a lot of hiking and traveling on foot this summer, but otherwise not necessarily a huge need for a hiking hydration pack. As I’ve never used a hydration pack before, I was wondering how easily this could be used as a normal backpack when not in need of the hydration system (say, once the summer is over)?

Or is it that just a silly idea?

lmao FishyFred!!!

I bought my young daughters the kidswoot couple months ago when they were on sale and have been waiting for a women’s model to go on sale. SOOOOO happy this is on sale…got one for myself :slight_smile: Hubby has 4 already, as he is military. Just need one more for a pre-teen, but this might be too heavy for her as she is very petite and small for her age/size.

Thanks WOOT!!!

REI has a similar 70 Oz. model for $32 with free shipping if you pick up at the store. 100 Oz. is a lot to carry around unless you’re going significant distances.

1.) Camelbaks have been using a proprietary antimicrobial technology in their reservoirs and tubing for a few years now. While you still need to clean them, they don’t get moldy and gross like the original bladders.

2.) Camelbaks are insulated. They’ll keep water cold for hours, literally. Plus with 100 ounce capacity, you don’t have to top off, which isn’t always handy or even available.

I’ve ridden bikes for years, and scoffed at Camelbaks, thinking water bottles were fine. But I got a Camelbak at a can’t-turn-it-down employee price when a rep came by to demo them. Since then I’ve been totally sold on hydration packs.

Looks pretty decent and well priced. I wouldn’t mind getting one for myself as it is not to feminine. Anyone have any experience with this and possibly using it as a back pack without the hydration system?

Does this fit women of all heights? If the hipbelt is supposed to sit at a woman’s hips is the backpack adjustable at all to fit a 5’2" woman like me as well as my 6’ friend? Or is one of use screwed?

The bladder is removable, turning it into an additional pocket when you’re not using it.

I’ve always thought these things were sort of silly, but my friends and I all went hiking about a month ago, and I came to realize how much more efficient an easier to manage they are then dealing with water bottles and such. There were times I needed water and was going without to avoid the hassle, while they all remained hydrated and happy. Definitely buying this.

Well, the hipbelt is removable according to the description, if that helps.

Good morning.

This is a great price on a great product!

I have the 2007 Magic Camelbak and it’s great. I use it on 40-mile bicycle rides and it has never let me down yet. Contrary to what another poster claimed, my Camelbak has never gotten mold inside of it and the water always tastes fresh and yummy.

I use only (Brita) filtered water or bottled water in my Camelbak — never tap water. I also fill it with a lot of ice cubes (made from filtered water) and then add water so the water stays cold longer and as the ice cubes melt they add to the available water supply.

The Magic Camelbak model only has a 72 ounce reservoir. I’m buying this Woot! to upgrade to the larger 100 ounce reservoir and large cargo capacity.

I have found that leaving the reservoir open and hung upside down (I use a hanger) so it dries out thoroughly between uses keeps it fresh and clean. Remember to drain the drinking tube, too!

Speaking of the hipbelt, will it even fit my Kim Kardashian-sized hips?