Camelbak 100oz Trinity Women’s Hydration System

what is this i dont even

in for 1.

Woot off!!!

This was very popular during the last woot off!

Come on Woot I need another universal remote now!!

Ladies fill this thing up with some ice and margaritas and you will be a walking Mardi Gras. Seen tons of ladies in the parking lots while tailgating bringing their own booze while being mobile.

If you use this as a man, you will die.


But, I am a man!

Very cool item and a good deal to boot.

woot killer. Everyone knows there are no women on the internet.

It’s a $40.00 backpack water bottle, with a straw, a really long crazy straw

100 bucks at REI

Now that’s really goofy. It’s a forty dollar water bottle that you wear?

Its a backpack that has water in it, with a tube coming out of it to put in your mouth. It can be used for a long hike or a bike ride through very dry areas.

Apparently, only women are allowed to drink water in these situations.

I got this last woot-off and have used it almost daily. It’s comfortable and has a large enough reservoir for a couple hours of hiking. The pack is also large enough to hold a change of clothes and picnic lunch.

What makes it a woman’s? Does it only accept girlie alcoholic drinks? Can a man use this without side effects?

FYI, the reason it’s a women’s camelback has to do with the shape of the bite valve.

Is it heavy as hell when full?