CamelBak 32oz Chute Mag Water Bottle

CamelBak 32oz Chute Mag Water Bottle

Dishwasher safe? Only reason I dig the brutes most stainless isn’t DWS. Inquiring minds

Looks like it’s DWS per the CamelBak website

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Why can’t I get 2 CamelBak’s in black? That’s not right, that’s false fakevertising. Shenanigans leaving me out in the cold high and dry. Too down low & slow for WOOT! minds.

Because they aren’t selling black ones.

Just the cap is DWS.

The website has teal like the Hawaiian sea.

It also says it isn’t available.

Well crap.

Oos. Usually the tops are the rest are not. The beast are better in that aspect but smaller

Sold out. Damn.

Been sold out for 24 hours why keep it listed?

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They only update the appsclusive deal once a day.

(Unless that’s your point.)

I have no complaint if you don’t replace a sold out Appsclusive offer with a new one. However, would it be that difficult to add a “Sold Out” label to the listing on the App home page?

That makes sense. :+1: