CamelBak Cloud Walker 70 oz. Hydration Pack Woot Info Post cracked corn and I don’t care.

CamelBak Cloud Walker 70 oz. Hydration Pack [New] - $27.99 + $5 shipping

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I have a Camelbak, Good For long hikes, and the bag serves a double purpose as a booksac.

When these are filled completely full, it takes most of the storage out of it. So if you are planning on taking a few light items then you will be fine, but for full out storage when using for hydration, it uses most of the space.

Can I fill this with other liquids besides water? Maybe milk or shirley temples?

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You can. It works just like a baby’s bottle, you can put all sorts of liquids in it without obstructing flow. Water is highly recommended for hiking though.

The only downfall of putting other liquids in, is the fact that these aren’t the easiest to clean. So that’s why it is used for water.

Is it water proof?

I want to say no to that just because of the zipper design. The nylon and polyester shell however, will be slightly water resistant, but fully submerged in water this will take in some water.

You can, but I highly advise against putting Jungle Juice in it. I had a friend do that once, and the pineapple bits clogged up his tubing something awful. He did have fun during that party, though. As long as you don’t put any cherries in your shirley temple, you’ll be fine.

How does one get rid of that plasticy taste in the hose?

As with just about anything like this you drink from, make a vinegar/water solution to clean it out with a few times.

Any ideas on how much this thing weighs when fully loaded or how much it can support? I’m thinking about getting one for long motorcycle rides and don’t want to get hammered down with the weight on my back. Anyone ever taken this on a motorcycle? Specifically a sport bike lol

The only real way to do that is to wash the parts before you use them. You can rinse out the Reservoir pretty easily. And all you can do with the tubing is try to just rinse it with water a couple of times.

From the product description:

Weight: Empty: 1.71 lbs., Filled: 5.97 lbs.

Pick up a backpack and then put a 2 liter of some kind of drink in it. That is about how much it will weigh.

I had the same problem. I cycled through about 20 fills and drains of the camelbak & hose and eventually the water came out tasteless.

Too bad there wasn’t a way to stop the flow from the bladder. It would be great to turn off the flow, fill the bladder, freeze it and then use it during those summer hikes.

BTW this is geocaching friendly and a great place to store some swag.

The CamelBaks I’ve owned in the past have come with booklets recommending that they be periodically soaked with a solution of water with a bit of baking soda. This is mostly for anti-bacterial purposes, but I must admit that by doing this, the plastic-y taste has disappeared.

Note: if you do this, be sure to rinse well afterward, baking soda in water tastes worse than “plasticy.” Otherwise there are no after effects.